Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yet Another Bedtime Story With A Happy Ending.

Orange County, Fl.--Anthony Julien , 50, and Peter Julien, 57, came home and surprised two, or possibly three, burglars inside their home. The two took care of business very well leaving one 17 year-old intruder dead and the other 26 year-old burglar wounded.

Two promising careers were ended and we never will know if the two unfortunate lads could have won the Nobel Peace Prize for their wealth redistribution efforts.

So far, no charges have been filed against Anthony Julien and Peter Julien.


leomemorial said...

Florida; Right to carry (after background check, etc).



Sounds like this victim/gentleman, no
matter where he immigrated from, has become a solid American. From the sound of things, his neighbor even likes him. Definetly an American success story.
I wonder if our Chicago newscasters
would have begun their report about
"the good guys" the way the Florida
crew did(yea right)?

It's Not All Real said...

Had it happened in merry ol' england, they would have locked him up.

But....this isn't England, and he did the right thing. Good for him, bad for the burglars!