Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mister Obama, Please Resign

Dear Mr. Obama,

You had no achievements beyond having a broad smile and reading from a teleprompter. You were an example of affirmative action run wild as you made the right contacts in the most corrupt political organization in the United States.

You were in all the right places to get the full Marxist indoctrination and roadmap for that failed Ponzi scheme program of government that’s never worked anywhere. Your kind of government only works with repression and violence. As Margaret Thatcher said, "you will run out of other people's money."

You have made the mess left by George W. Bush much worse if that was possible. You have taken steps to destroy free enterprise, health care, and freedom. You have reauthorized slavery in America that will last for generations as you print money to pass to corrupt businesses and banks.

You have become a liability to your own and your family’s safety by making patriots everywhere hate you and only see you as a despot and traitor.

Please Mr. Obama, resign while we still have a little freedom.


Paul Huebl
Crimefile News


Ed Skinner said...


Anonymous said...

Joe would be fine. He is too stupid to do any serious harm.
To give you an example of just how stupid he is, he actuallt believes he is of genius IQ.
Paul in Texas

Anonymous said...

Paul , Why even give this asswipe any press . Everyone knows that he is a total failure even the ones that voted for him. The three best words in the English language are
" X President Obama " . We can only hope that they come true .

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Article. I just hope this "Chicago Scam" is replaced before he totally destroys America, but it don't look good.

Ed Skinner said...

Check the fine print in the picture at

Southern IL said...

Even the Obamanites.... that group of pinheads that believe their "president's" rhetoric of "Hope" and "Change" mean something, when in reality only consists of hoping he can change something... anything... have started to question his greatness and lose faith!

Gee... imagine THAT!!