Saturday, October 31, 2009

Elections In NJ, NY, VA Are A Referendum On The Obama Administration

Washington, DC—Today the Far Left in our government are zealously pandering Obamacare and the continued destruction of Freedom and free enterprise. That's about to change somewhat.

The election outcome Tuesday will set the mood for just how Congress will accept the Marxist agenda of the current Whitehouse. It does not look good for the Liberals. To the Whitehouse the upcoming minor elections are a giant wet blanket.

Since politicians like the perks of office holding they always seek to do what it takes to keep their seats. They may not be true to their constituents but they can be counted on to be true to themselves. Some serious cold water may be dousing the fire behind the Obama Administration after Tuesday.

I suspect we are going to hear the Whitehouse whine about, Congress doing nothing for the next three years even though there is a Democratic majority. I like that idea and would like to lay Congress off for the next couple of years like so many other American workers. If they were laid off for a few years, would we really miss Congress al all?

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