Saturday, October 03, 2009

Illinois Drives License Fee Triples! Is It Time To Fight Back?

Springfield, IL—For every struggling, taxpaying citizen, this month you will get a rude surprise from your leaders. That $15.00 Driver’s license renewal fee is now $35.00.

Because you must produce a driver’s license or face jail they have you by the balls. The ultimate extortion demand is on your plate. Pay or go to jail.

There is no reason for taxpayers to continue living under these conditions. Illinois politicians have become ruthless pirates that must be and can be stopped.

When does the resistance begin? When do the homes of public officials start to burn down unexpectedly? When do public official’s faces begin to show up on milk cartons? Perhaps it’s time to make sure that our aldermen, county board members, legislators, and mayors beef up their personal security.

Perhaps some broken windows, slashed tires and displays of sheer anger might help get these pirate’s minds right. It’s a small start.

This is not an issue of Democrat vs Republican but one much more sinister, slavery. Corrupt public officials have bankrupted every level of government.

Illinois and other politicians will only continue the extortion as long as you let them.

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Anonymous said...

The issue is complex.Here in Illinois we have the most corrupt govt in the USA.Chicago controls Springfield.

The Machine:We have to pay for Chicago and Cook County corrupt officials.They control everything with their cronies.

Pay to Play:huge amount of patronage jobs here of totally unqualified people.

Have nots:we have a HUGE amount of folks that contribute NOTHING and drain our tax dollars and also cause ALL the violent crime.