Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Are The American People Waiting For?

Each day the Communists in our Congress and the Whitehouse are forcing the American people further into slavery. They have set in motion the destruction of free enterprise, our currency, and the American dream. This is happening at breakneck speed as Obama's shadow government Czars secretly write the legislation our Congress refuses to make public or even read.

I envision Chinese troops on our soil invited by Barack Obama to “keep order”. Our own police and soldiers for the most part can be expected to help patriots purge the un-American traitors and not make war on fellow Americans. The Chinese nation has been waiting for that opportunity for a very long time.

I know millions of loyal Americans are thinking the unthinkable right now as they have horded weapons, ammunition, food and medical supplies. Patriots know that freedom is never free and exists only as a result of the same kind of brute force dictatorships inflict on their own citizens in order to stay in power. .

Either the resistance to the in-progress Communist revolution is stepped up quickly or we will never be able to resist later.

Obama and his fellow Communists have divided the American people into two groups, those who work and pay taxes and those parasites that don’t. Today the Communists have populated our nation with millions of Mexico and Central America's ignorant, poor and criminals that are sucking the lifeblood of our nation. This was no accident.

Will our patriots reach the point of no return and begin the purge? These criminals must be stopped from raping America, by whatever it takes. Failure to resists will enable the one Communist world nightmare of Karl Marx.


God,Guns,Free Speech said...

This article is right on, I have witnessed conversations that when all this started to how we are going to change this situation politically, to now where the conversation is,what we are doing to protect ourselves when this Administration trys to take total control.

Anonymous said...

President Kennedy quoted in a speach "when government makes it impossible to change things peacefully, they make violent change a certainty.
As this Obama administration falls
apart, I don't believe they will go so far as to bring in foreign troops to restore order. Even they know this would be the height of folly.
We see how effective U.N. troops are at their "peacekeeping" efforts
in many countries around the world.
Chinese troops? God have mercy on them, because we won't.
Our own military would not allow foreign troops on our soil, and they are quite capable of stopping this threat, and I believe they would. I have high hopes for our country, and we will survive Obama and in the long run be stronger for it. My goal at this time is to do whatever I can to stop the
socialistic eforts of Obama and to repeal any laws he may succeed in passing to that effect.
We cannot count on the republicans to do this (unless we vote in a lot of no-compromise people in the party) Their track record seems to be taking the position that they are better at managing the radical democrats programs.
Paul in Texas

Anonymous said...

For the last 30 years college students have been taught by the radical left that the U.S. is the root of all evil.These people
will be led into the pens like the sheeple they are.The silver spoon radicals like Billy Ayers have done their jobs well.

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK — President Barack Obama is having some fun at the expense of those who criticized him for trying to help his Chicago hometown land the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Addressing donors at a Democratic Party fundraiser Tuesday night in New York City, Obama said he believes in a strong opposition but doesn't like it when some folks root for him to fail on health care or ... on getting the Olympics.

In a mocking tone Obama said: "Who's against the Olympics? What's up with that?"

Some Republicans criticized Obama for flying to Denmark earlier this month to boost Chicago's Olympics bid. Critics said he should have stayed home to deal with health care, unemployment and Afghanistan, among other issues.

Brazil won the right to host the Games

Let's keep the torches lit and the pressure on. The sooner Obama is rendered impotent, the better for America and the world.

Here's some good news out today:

"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13. That’s just a point above the lowest level ever recorded for this President. It’s also the sixth straight day in negative double digits, matching the longest such streak."

Obama wants our freedom and tax dollars as his Marxist play things. Let's push back HARD and ensure that he doesn't get them.