Sunday, October 04, 2009

Darl Chryst Was A Well Kept Secret!

Phoenix, AZ-Nearly a decade ago I met a pretty lady in Phoenix. She had a couple of guitars and I learned she was a singer and actress. Darl Chryst was introduced to me by former, A Current Affair and now KTVK-TV’s ace reporter Mike Watkiss. Chryst was not famous, at least by my standards and I never heard her sing until now.

There are those lucky people that discovered this lady in local venues where they could hear this gifted songbird do her magic.

Sometimes amazing talent never finds the right venue. Everyday life, family and day jobs steal a lot of great entertainment from our eyes and ears.

YouTube is amazing because you don’t need to be related to or sleep with someone to get a chance at stardom. It is truly an equal opportunity venue.

Learn more about Chryst here.

I think this lady’s time in the sun is overdue.

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Ed Skinner said...

We'll be at the Duck and Decanter today to hear some performers -- and will start watching for Darl. Very nice!