Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fun and Games For Arizona’s Illegal Aliens

Phoenix, AZ—Holding illegal aliens for ransom helps the bottom line here. I guess at least one intended victim made a good guess as to his fate.

Doroteo Estrada-Perez, 38, faces kidnapping, aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder charges. Mariano Perez-Gonzalez, 27, is looking forward to charges of kidnapping, theft by extortion, misconduct involving weapons and conspiracy to commit murder.

KTVK-TV’s pretty Marissa Wingate gives us the fun facts on the welcome wagon some illegal immigrants put out for their very own kind.

Of course the worthless Obama administration and their pathetic Homeland Security Secretary are delighted to be accomplices to this sort of thing.


cool games said...

Uhh this is a bit harsh i think...

Anonymous said...

Just use one of those giant thermal foggers and pump in some CS into the tunnels.