Friday, October 30, 2009

Local Television News Breaks New Ground

Washington, DC—It’s November Sweeps time which is the most important rating period for television all year. They must do whatever they can to attract and keep or fold up their tent and disappear.

This time it is a lesson in breast self-examination without censorship. Frankly I don’t know how TV has gotten away with the bogus self-exam stories without exposing real breasts.

My God even men have breasts! Okay, men’s breasts are far less interesting than women’s. Bare breasts are everywhere in our world and the sight of them is not graphic, lurid or shocking. Why the big deal? Especially when the life and death matter of breast cancer is involved?

ABC-7 did their job of informing the public about breast self-examination. Men need the information too since they never miss a chance to explore their girlfriends and wives. It is often that a man discovers lumps and other symptoms. It may be rare but sometimes men get breast cancer too.

ABC-7 went out of their way to redundantly warn viewers of the “graphic adult content” and I wonder if that was intended to attract and keep viewers. No warning should be needed for images of women’s breasts. I don’t think the sight of them will change anyone’s life. That kind of censorship is silly and unnecessary.

Here is the report and please excuse me if I don’t warn you about the content. If you don’t like it take your little mouse and you can quickly escape from this blog!


Anonymous said...

Indeed, men do get breast cancer...all humans should be aware of their bodies and any changes that occur....cancer is a viscious disease. The warning was obviously overblown, but probably was advised by an attorney.

Anonymous said...

I try to give my GF a breast exam several times in one evening,but she often refuses "medical" treatment.