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Would it be helpful if we ALL waged an e-mail campaign to CNN and respectfully expressed interest in viewing the Anderson Cooper interview with Officer Mike Mette?

I don't want to do anything without clearance from Mike. I can't see it hurting and the clock is ticking quickly,the quicker the story gets national exposure the more likely justice will occur. I think that the CNN story will also draw interest from additional national media groups and really expose this horrendous injustice to Mike.

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Donut Shop Owner Allegedly Snubs Military Members

CBS 2 Northwest Indiana Bureau Chief Pamela Jones reports it all started with an alleged slap against men and women in uniform at a Dunkin’ Donuts.

The rumor was forwarded through an email tagged as if it came from an employee at Crown Point High School.

The message says a school secretary has a nephew who went to the Dunkin' Donuts on Main Street for coffee and was refused service because he's in the military.

The email claims the owner of the store said, “You are killing my countrymen and I will not serve you.”



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Thanks Paul,
With that kind of speedy action you should be in politics. You would be elected for life.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

About Mile Mette's mess. I'd like to see the FOP arrange a meeting with the Iowa governor to diccuss this debacle.

I'd hope that my fellow coppers, their families and friends would charter busses and make a ring around the governor's office of well behaved demonstrators carrying picket signs that don't insult but ask for a pardon pure and simple.

We are asking for fairness and yet another look at the case.

Invite FOX, CNN & MSNBC.

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Times Staff Report

CROWN POINT | An unsubstantiated rumor claiming U.S. military personnel were denied service at the Dunkin' Donuts on Main Street led to outrage on Internet message boards, e-mails to Congress and even reports of harassment Tuesday at the restaurant.

Crown Point police reported patrons were being harassed Tuesday while entering the restaurant after a widespread proliferation of e-mails repeated claims that a male owner of the business told two servicemen in uniform, "You are killing my countrymen and I will not serve you."

But the owner of the Dunkin' Donuts store in Crown Point is female, the corporate office reported Tuesday.

Dunkin' Donuts corporate officials said they are aware of the situation and "take this allegation very seriously, and are currently looking into the matter."

"It should be noted that this store is under new ownership (since June) and that such views are unequivocally contrary to her values as well as Dunkin' Donuts," a written statement from the corporate office states.

Police responding to the harassment reports Tuesday advised citizens to "think twice" about taking any action against the store. An officer at the scene said individuals at the store were discouraging others from entering the business Tuesday afternoon based on the rumor in the e-mails.

"We can't even verify if it happened or if something even remotely happened," Crown Point police Patrol Cmdr. Jim Poling said of the rumored situation with the soldiers.

Police also are trying to track down the author of the original e-mail describing the alleged incident, though it appears no crime has been committed by circulating the rumor, Poling said.

If it's proven the information was false, it's possible the author could face civil action, Poling added.

One e-mail alleging the incident took place appears to have originated from Crown Point High School athletic secretary Mary Roth. It claims another school secretary's nephew was in the restaurant with another serviceman and that the two were denied service.

The Times spoke with Roth last week, and she admitted writing the e-mail. But when asked about her source on the information, she forwarded a reporter to another school secretary who supposedly knew more about the situation. That secretary likewise forwarded the reporter to another source, and ultimately to several other individuals who claimed they heard the incident took place

None of those contacted by The Times was able to identify an eyewitness to the rumored incident, nor did any of them know the names of the supposed military personnel victims.

The e-mail also lacks a specific time or date when the supposed incident took place.

Phone calls and in-person requests seeking comment Tuesday were not returned by Crown Point High School officials, the school corporation's officials and management at the restaurant.

Many Lake County residents forwarded the e-mail account to U.S. Rep Pete Visclosky's office. A spokesman said the Merrillville congressman wanted to respond to inquiries and alleviate concerns.

Sgt. Aquiles Rendon, of the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center in Crown Point, said he has not had problems visiting the Crown Point Dunkin' Donuts while in uniform. Other Marines at the recruitment center on the city square also said they frequent the business and never have experienced any problems. Some acknowledged receiving military discounts from the restaurant.

Servicemen in uniform were served Tuesday at the store and said there was no problem.

"It's never happened to me since I've been here," Rendon said of the rumored incident.

A similar rumor circulated in 2001 when a Portage Dunkin' Donuts owner was accused of refusing service to U.S. military personnel.

"I'm an American citizen," the Portage business owner Kam Patel said in 2001. "This is the best country in the world. The reason I'm in this country is to have a better life."

A nationwide Web site claims such incidents have taken place at other Dunkin' Donuts stores in the U.S. and urges a boycott by providing suggested text for e-mails.

Details of the e-mail with allegations about the Crown Point store

-- It was forwarded by many Lake County residents to U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky's office in Washington. His staff hopes to quell the rumor.

-- Crown Point police said the e-mail's contents "appears to be an unfounded rumor."

-- Dunkin' Donuts' corporate office said it was aware of the Crown Point allegation and would investigate. "It should be noted that this store is under new ownership (since June) and that such views are unequivocally contrary to (the owner's) values as well as Dunkin' Donuts," a written statement from the corporate office states.

Similar situation

-- In December 2001, The Times reported a rumor was circulated in Portage that the Dunkin' Donuts there refused service to military personnel. The owner denied the allegation.

leomemorial said...

I would like to hear what Robert Cooley has to say about the Mike Mette case...

A Voice of Sanity said...

How the court system works - for dummies

Read it for yourself - it's sadly all too true!

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Anonymous said...

Response to the Citizens of Dubuque and District Attorney Potter


Here is the second response to DA Potter’s letter to the citizens of Dubuque since you never saw the original one because they never published it. We know you won’t publish this response but we just ask you to publish the judge’s ruling because it is fact.

On 10-09-2005 Mike Mette was attacked by Jacob Gothard and after being hit three times Mike punched Gothard once knocking him out. See the judge’s ruling which we also sent to you. The only witness to the actual event, Mark Huber, testified after Mike was hit several times by Gothard Mike punched him once, he fell back hitting his head, back, arms and buttocks on the sidewalk. This would account for many of the small bruises DA Gallagher said Gothard sustained from the Mette brothers. Huber stated after Gothard hit the ground he began snoring. Gothard woke up on the scene but was restrained by an officer. Later he was placed in the ambulance where he proceeded to pull out the tubes they inserted in him and attempted to leave the ambulance several times. At this point he had to be restrained by ambulance personnel. The ambulance proceeded to Finley Hospital, not a #1 trauma center, without lights or sirens. The treating doctor there wasn’t equipped to treat Gothard and they had no neurologist on staff. So Doctor Gifford induced a coma due to his agitated state, his state of intoxication .310 blood alcohol count and his unknown possible head injury. After inducing his coma they transferred him to another hospital where they had a neurologist on staff. DA Gallagher never called any doctor from Iowa City Hospital where four days later they recommended Gothard be released because there was nothing they could do for him and he had no life threatening injuries. In fact he never required any surgery for any of his injuries. The defense called Doctor Max Koenigsberg from Illinois Masonic Hospital a very busy #1 trauma center in Chicago. Koenigsberg is an expert in his field but DA Gallagher stated he was only there because he was a paid consultant for the City of Chicago. Doctor Koenigsberg works at Illinois Masonic Hospital and on several occasions has been called by the City of Chicago as an expert witness as well as by many other organizations. Doctor Koenigsberg went slowly over all of Gothard’s confirmed injuries, explained all of them, and stated Gothard never had any life threatening injuries.

Arresting Officer Salmonson placed Mike into his squad car at about 4 AM but stated he didn’t give Mike his rights because Mike wasn’t under arrest, he was just being detained. If you’re being detained and can’t leave, aren’t you under arrest? Mike wasn’t given his rights until after 8 AM when he signed a waiver of rights. Any statements made before that point should not have been admissible in court but numerous statements he allegedly made were testified to in court.

In his deposition Officer Salmonson stated his ex-wife was from Bellevue and her family and the Gothards knew each other. He claimed not to know that at the time of the arrest. He stated he found out later but he didn’t say how much later. He also stated everyone in Bellevue knew each other. Then he stated he and his ex-wife lived in Bellevue for six

years and as a matter of fact they lived less than three miles down route 52 from the Gothard family. Then as Officer Salmonson stated everyone in Bellevue knows each other, one can conclude that Officer Salmonson must have known the Gothards.

Neither Officer Salmonson nor Officer Basten were told by anyone at the scene Gothard was touched by anyone after he was knocked down. Officer Basten admitted in her deposition she knew Gothard’s roommate, Nick Boyd, from Fat Tuesdays where he was drinking with her and her girlfriend on a previous occasion. Officer Basten only remembers her girlfriend as Lisa but for some reason couldn’t remember her last name. Officer Basten talked to Nick Boyd alone on the scene several times and even took him back to Jake Gothard’s house. Never during those alone times did Boyd tell her that anyone touched Gothard after the initial punch. Only after numerous calls to Boyd was she able to have him come into the police station to make a statement in which he said he saw Mike and Marc making stomping motions but he couldn’t say anyone was being hit as there was a car in his way.

Officer Basten’s star witness was a kid named Mark Kleve. She didn’t interview him until days later and he admitted to having at least twelve beers and seven shots that night. He was so drunk he thought he took a cab home from downtown Dubuque when in fact he rode home with his friends. When shown a photo line-up, Mr. Kleve was unable to identify Mike. Since Officer Basten interviewed both Boyd and Kleve, why was she not called to testify?

Mike hired Ben Roth as his attorney to represent him in court. Mr. Roth told Mike he shouldn’t ask for a jury trial because he was from Illinois and this is Iowa. Roth also told Mike he knew the judge assigned to the case, Judge Nigg, and he never had a problem with the self-defense defense. Judge Nigg was well aware of Gothard’s criminal history. Judge Nigg handled at least one of Gothard’s nine arrests where he found him guilty. Of Jake Gothard’s nine arrests four were traffic offenses and the five most recent were alcohol related offenses.

At the last minute Judge Ackley was substituted for Judge Nigg. Ben Roth’s father, James, is a lawyer who was on the committee that selected Judge Ackley for judgeship in 2003. When Judge Ackley was assigned to Mike’s trial, Roth never objected, asked for a jury trial, or a substitution of judges. Maybe Roth should have asked Judge Ackley to recuse herself since she worked for the law firm where Stephen Juergens was a partner. Stephen Juergens’ brother, David, was married to Lynn Juergens who is the loan officer at the Dubuque Bank. As the loan officer, Lynn Juergens has notarized many of Curtis Gothard’s (Jacob’s father) loans. Curtis Gothard is the telemarketing executive/director of Truck Country which is owned by Robert McCoy. McCoy is on the board of directors at the Dubuque bank.

After the trial, where it was found Mike hit Gothard once after being struck three times by Gothard (read the judge’s ruling), DA Gallagher stated they had no choice but to sentence Mike to five years because that was the law. But DA Gallagher should have

known from the hospital reports, no more than four days later, Jacob Gothard had no life threatening injuries. In fact the second hospital recommended he be sent home because there was no reason to keep him in the hospital. Why did Gallagher keep the upgraded charge against Mike? DA Potter and Gallagher also stated Mike was offered a deal where he wouldn’t have to go to jail. Mike’s lawyer, Ben Roth, never relayed any
type of deal to Mike. As a matter of fact, every time Mike asked about a deal Roth said he called Gallagher, left him a message, and was never called back. Roth kept telling Mike he could get a deferred judgment for his charge, which was also stated in the pre-sentencing report.

Why did the police say Gothard had four fractured vertebrae when it turned up in testimony it was actually an old compression between the fourth and fifth vertebrae? Curtis Gothard would have been the only person that knew of the old injury. The police and Gallagher keep saying Gothard had a broken jaw and cheekbone when in fact they were minor fractures, so minor that one of the fractures didn’t even show up in the original x-ray. According to Gothard’s own testimony he had no surgeries to repair any of his injuries he sustained from being punched once by Mike. As a matter of fact about six month’s later, in April 2006; Gothard was arrested again for Driving Under the Influence along with his roommate, Nick Boyd, after they left the scene of a bar fight. That same month Gothard led the University of Dubuque golf team with the lowest score in their spring tournament. Gothard also stated he was taking a full course load at school while working over twenty hours a week.

The judge has said she had no recourse but to give Mike five years because it was the law. However, Ackley didn’t have to find Mike guilty in the first place since she stated in her ruling the evidence (not what the police or DA Gallagher tried to prove happened) showed Mike only hit Gothard once after being struck by Gothard three times. The sentencing hearing was like nothing you ever saw in a courtroom. After the judge said she was sorry to have to do this she sentenced Mike to five years. At this point one of Mike’s lawyers asked for an appeal bond to be set and the judge immediately said $2,500.00. She then looked over to DA Gallagher who shook his head no and she looked back to Mike’s lawyers and said she couldn’t do that. The lawyers then asked for a stay of mittimus for 120 days. She didn’t respond but once again looked at DA Gallagher and he shook his head no. She looked back to Mike’s lawyers and said she couldn’t do that. She later changed her mind after checking her law book and said she could. One can only wonder if she realized what DA Gallagher was telling her to do was not the law.

Meanwhile, Marc Mette was charged with public intoxication as was everyone from Illinois. The only one not charged was Jacob Gothard. Who at the time was twenty years old and had a .310 blood alcohol level. Not only should he have been charged with under age drinking and public intoxication, he should have also been charged with assault because he hit Mike three times in the chest. When Marc went to court and was asked what he wanted to do, he asked them to explain what was happening. He was told that if he pleads guilty to public intoxication he would get a fine for court costs. Marc noticed that was what everyone else charged with public intoxication was getting so he plead guilty. After Marc plead guilty, Curtis Gothard was allowed to get up, state Marc and Mike broke into his son’s house, beat him so severely he was in a coma, and the judge should take a closer look at this case. At this time the judge decided to continue the case. The next time Marc went to court, Curtis Gothard was once again allowed to address the court. Curtis Gothard stated things that were not proven to be true. Marc, realizing something was not right, asked for a lawyer. A continuance was granted and court appointed lawyer Stuart Hoover was assigned to be Marc’s lawyer. Hoover, first, made a motion to vacate the guilty plea because it was made without Marc being given the right to counsel. That motion was denied and a sentencing date was set for January of 2006.

At the sentencing Magistrate Dan McClean allowed Curtis Gothard to get up and without any foundation or basis recite several never proven lies about Marc and his background. Curtis Gothard produced police reports (how did he get those?) and pictures he himself took of his son’s so called bruises. Many of the bruises looked like fingerprints around the upper area of his arms and shoulders that could have come from when he was transported in and out of the ambulance, restrained in the ambulance, or at the hospital. Hoover objected vehemently since Gothard had never met Marc and didn’t know anything about him. Curtis Gothard didn’t have any first hand knowledge of the incident. When asked how he knew any of the things he was stating he said his son Jacob told him. Funny since Jacob had never met Marc before and had a hard time remembering anything about the night of the incident since he was so intoxicated.

Mike’s current lawyers have been trying unsuccessfully for six months to get the transcripts or judge’s notes from Marc’s hearings. Although the lawyers have been unsuccessful in their attempt to obtain the transcripts or notes, there are witnesses to the courthouse proceedings. Those witnesses are Marc Mette, Chris Tanner, court appointed lawyer Stuart Hoover, and Mike’s lawyer Ben Roth. Ben Roth gave Mike a detailed report of what Curtis Gothard was allowed to say.

Please review the police reports, some of which weren’t made until ten days to a month later, and see the inconsistencies of the case. DA Gallagher can say all he wants about what he would like to prove happened but never did because when it came down to the testimony they couldn’t prove anything except what the judge ruled.

All the above is taken from actual testimonies in depositions or in the courtroom.


The Citizens of Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Is the Real Estate market faltering bigtime out west? Things are dismal in Chicagoland,prices down and houses not moving.

Anonymous said...

Cop pleads guilty, told women to flash him: authorities
PROBATION | Agrees to resign over allegations in N.W. Side traffic stops

A Chicago Police officer has pleaded guilty to attempted intimidation -- a misdemeanor -- and agreed to resign over allegations he pulled over two women on the Northwest Side and asked them to expose their breasts to avoid traffic tickets.
Michael Allegretti was sentenced to probation in the case.

Allegretti, 45, was an officer in the Albany Park District when he pulled over a 24-year-old woman in November 2004. He allegedly asked if she would cheat on her boyfriend and promised to give her a break if she flashed her breasts. At the police station she complied, but Allegretti gave her tickets anyway and she was released, authorities said.

The woman filed a complaint with the Chicago Police Department. Allegretti remained on the job.

In May 2005, he stopped another woman and allegedly asked if her boyfriend was in Chicago or Poland. He told her to "show me your boobs" and to unzip her pants and "show me how you touch yourself" in exchange for leniency, officials said


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A high-ranking official in Gov. Blagojevich's office spent nearly two years in a federal prison for refusing to aid a government terrorism probe into a series of bombings in Chicago and New York City.
Steven Guerra, Blagojevich's $120,000-a-year deputy chief of staff for community services, was identified by federal prosecutors as a member of the Puerto Rican separatist group, FALN, which was behind a wave of violence and killings in the 1970s and early 1980s.


Anonymous said...

Taken from the NYPD Rant,could just as well have been the CPD under Phil Cline's Reign.


I regret to inform the readership of this board of the confirmed death in the law enforcement community.

While tragic, the patient was ill for a very long time and the passing, while tragic, was not unexpected.

The victim is known my many aliases but shall be referred here as simply "The Ability To Make A Decision."

Many younger cops and supervisors may not have remembered our friend or even knew him. Certainly, even many higher ranking officers in the Captain ranks and above barely remember him. However, some older cops who know what it is like to walk a post and "own" that sidewalk for 8 hours might recall him.

There was a time when cops were cops, and could make decisions independent of supervisory direction or prodding. And those decisions were usually sound and correct. They were not afraid to place bracelets on a skell, or move a problem person along, or establish a sense of law and order on their assigned post because, as we recall in our military's general orders, they were able to "Take charge of their post...and all government property (and business) in view."

Then at some point- I'm not sure when exactly, but I think in the past 10 years or so- our friend Decision Making became ill. The cops ceased to be cops and left the thinking to the sergeants to do. And they did, for a while. They identified crime trends, evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of their subordinates until they too somehow lost that quality. The Decision Making found the trusted lieutenant. The Platoon Commander, after all, really ran the precinct. He would set the posts, the assignments and take charge of the precinct and all of those under him. But, the lieutenants, like the sergeants and cops came down with that disease as well, and it was left to the captain- the C.O., the Duty Captain, et. al. to take charge of the subordinate ranks. Now, with the captains becoming Yes Men- those with stars in their eyes and fearing failure and gasp, NEVER getting promoted- they defer to Chiefs and will always of course defer to the one man who truly runs the show on every level- our Grand Poobah of Policing, RWK. He has taken from each and every rank the ability to evaluate, make a decision and most importantly, defend those decisions in an intelligent and rational manner. We do not have any true leaders left- those who were are tired of the fight, and those who never were leaders run the show through scare tactics, bullying and intimidation. Intimidation below them, to the nasty rude cop on the street to the obnoxious supervisors on every level who are, in turn, subjected to equally nasty people above them.

So, I take a moment to pay final respects to Decision Making, who was known by some as Leadership, or Integrity or Courage. You will be missed in Ray Kelly's Police Department. Rest in peace, old friend.