Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second City Cop, The Internet And Free Speech

When I wore a police uniform there was no Second City Cop exploiting the Internet to expose the employment related injustices that plague the lives of too many hard working and dedicated cops.

Working as a Chicago cop has become less desirable every year. Micromanagement along with the likes of Black Panther Party members and other police haters running Chicago has demoralized rank and file officers that signed on improve the safety and quality of life. I have to say today that it would not enter my mind to waste some Saturday taking the civil service exam to be a Chicago policeman. Okay, I will surrender to political correctness just this once and say police officer!

Somewhere from the ashes came Second City Cop in the form of an interactive blog where bad management, incompetence and hazards to officer’s safety are exposed. Satire, gossip and fun have found its way into the mix too. Often it’s comments made by cops in the field that expose problems and at the same time give a voiceless cop an opportunity to vent about any issues..

Second City Cop has been able to resolve more crappy labor issues by accident than the FOP was able to do on purpose.

It’s not all serious because there are a lot of laughs sometimes at the expense of others such as the delightful looking, Sergeant Chris Hitney. Hitney has never failed to show up at history making events.

I began my blog after suffering a profound but temporary 7 1/2 month hearing loss and being somewhat inspired by Second City Cop. I have enjoyed being just another unpaid blogger. Second City Cop is a success and gift to every working cop.

Second City Cop, thank you, you’ve made a difference.

If you’ve not been to Second City Cop here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul ,

I'm a retired CPD Officer living in a southern state and I get my fix every morning with my first cup at the computer reading all the posts at SCC. They are the best thing to ever happen to the CPD. They are a thorn in the Mayor's ass and all the bosses hate them . TFB ! I hope that the city never finds out who they are or I'm sure that they are F&*KED. The CPD would trump up all kinds of charges againstbthem and they for sure would be fired.

Anonymous said...

Seiser still runs it!!