Monday, September 10, 2007

Judge Fidler Issues Gag Order Against Phil Spector’s Wife!

Has the judge gone too far again? The biased judge wants to gag anyone but those who vilify and disparage Phil Spector. What about simple decency judge? What could Rachelle Spector have possibly said that is wrong or somehow an attempt to control the outcome of the trial? Why did Judge Fidler feel the need to bully Mrs. Spector?

As an aside Fidler extended his order to include Phil Spector too.

It’s time for a mistrial and for Fidler to remove himself from further proceedings. Fidler is definitely prejudiced beyond repair.

Here’s what happens if you say something good about someone close to you in Judge Fidler’s court:


Anonymous said...

Fidler never did give her the chance to respond now did he.

Anonymous said...

Judge Fidler is biased and hateful beyond belief. He has continually suppressed the truth in the Phil Spector case.
Fidler was in top bully form today when he smacked down Mrs. Spector in court for giving a TV interview a few days ago.
Phil's adult children have given TV interviews recently and weren't muzzled by this bully of a judge.
This is no equal opportunity judge.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Talk about bias! So much for justice.

Anonymous said...

How can the judge order someone who is not part of the case to be silent? I am surprised he didn't order Sean Hannity, Greta Van Sustern and others to shut up or face contempt of court, too. What an idiot judge.