Sunday, September 02, 2007

Phil Spector And Joan Baez Rocked!

I’ve written many articles about the tragic event at Phil Spectors’s home because I hate the merit less prosecution along with the incredibly slanted and defective rulings by Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Anymore American court trials are more about Las Vegas odds than justice. The jury will soon be charged with guessing what happened to Lana Clarkson. God help us all if when American juries are allowed to guess their way to murder convictions.

I ran into this video on YouTube that personifies just who Phil Spector really is. He’s a musical genius that has enriched our lives with so much great music. From my early favorite, Spanish Harlem, sung first by Ben E. King to that wildly popular song, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling. Spector music and its huge influence is thankfully everywhere today.

Sit back now and watch Phil Spector direct the music and play the piano while Joan Baez delivers one incredibly soulful rendition of Spector’s work.


A Voice of Sanity said...

God help us all if when American juries are allowed to guess their way to a murder convictions.
They already do; Scott Peterson, Douglas S. Mouser, David Camm, Darlie Routier, Fr. Gerald Robinson ... the list goes on and on. Too many treat it as some sort of 'sporting event', with winners chosen by vox populi, like some sort of 'American Idol' freak show.

Anonymous said...

WOW she had a voice like an angel. Its seems like the days of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame." I envision Quasi MOTO draggin himself through crowds, pitching tomatoes and laughing at him. These are dangerous times, again.

Anonymous said...

Joan Baez is out of her element on this song and I think she sounds awful.
Phil Spector rocks as always and I fear he will be locked up for something he didn't do.
Linda Deutsch calling the Spector case a mystery after all the testimony is in is telling.