Sunday, September 23, 2007

Can Phil Spector Be Retried For Murder?

The murder trial of Phil Spector can be called nothing but a pseudo-legal train wreck. Judicial abuses and excesses designed to do anything but grant Spector a fair trial appeared at every opportunity. The damage done to Spector’s due process rights under our constitution is now well established.

From the abuse of judicial discretion by bringing in alleged witnesses claiming Spector engaged in gunplay in unreported and uncharged,long past events well before many of the jurors were born. Another huge problem I have is their stories are all exactly tailored to fit articles published well before the women came forward. When witnesses testify and use identical words, gestures and phrases it’s always a sure sign of perjury. That’s what happened here..

Today it’s obvious that the jury is deadlocked, evenly divided 5-7 because half the jury saw through the hate and lies. Half chose to simply stick with the scientific physical evidence. I hope damage done to Phil Spector by Judge Fidler’s agenda will never cause this jury to surrender to this judicial miscreant. The problem with judges is that sometimes they gain mind control over a jury the same as Charles Manson gained control over his murderous family. The results and verdicts tainted by this kind of judicial influence can turn out to be very unjust.

Just recently many of our most renowned law experts from our most prestigious law schools have not minced words about Judge Fidler’s “new” jury instructions that contain much more than the very strong odor of jury tampering.

The prosecutorial misconduct began with the government’s cover-up of Lana Clarkson’s mental state by derailing a normally mandated medical examiner’s psychological autopsy of this deeply troubled woman. That along with the ever-growing list of biased and prejudicial rulings from Judge Larry Paul Fidler damaged this internationally broadcast murder trial far beyond repair. No second trial can free itself from the sensational and permanent taint applied by a publicity hungry and rogue jurist.

(Note about the graphic I used. That’s really a photograph of German Nazi Party Judge “Raving” Ronald Freisler That photo was taken as he presided over the trial and death sentences of the German Generals who plotted to assassinate Adolph Hitler in 1944. The resemblance of that monster to Larry Paul Fidler is uncanny.)


Anonymous said...

Did everyone in additoin to me notice that all five women pointed with two fingers to their faces when describing Spector's gun incidents? I think it's highly suspicious that they all did this in addition to using very similar dialogue. I suggests to me they were coached!

Anonymous said...

When Larry Paul Fidler was raving at Spector's young wife he was like "raving" Ronald!

Anonymous said...

Here is what a County of Lost Arkansas judge can be like which has been covered up - behind his black robes which are supposed to give those who are not judges the idea that the Judge is a fair unemotional being, wrapped in reason, & one who would not lash out with his belt.

But Judges are human too, and just like bad apples in the police forces and any other gang, so too there are bad apples that are County and (Federal) Judges.

Here is judicial misconduct and judicial brutality in Arkansas by County Judge William Adams
towards his own daughter.

Beware and caution in watching and the ages of those watching - as the video is Judicial brutality towards a female, his own daughter plus the Judge does seem to swear alot.

The daughter caught her own beating by her own father on tape. I feel very badly for this young girl's emotional condition after enduring parents like that.

My heart goes out to her - for her bravery in standing up to her brutal father - and I really do hope she will survive this emotional and brutal onslaught somehow!

And after seeing this - would you trust your case or any case - to your local County Judge!!!