Friday, September 28, 2007

Did The L.A. County DA Violate Phil Spector’s Rights?

During the Phil Spector trial testimony we all learned that the normal investigative procedure for the L.A. County Coroner’s Office was obstructed by the District Attorney’s office. Lana Clarkson suffered a fatal intra-oral gunshot wound and based on early statements made by Phil Spector that this was an “accidental suicide” a standard psychological autopsy was both warranted and needed. The goal of such post-mortem examinations is to learn the true manner and cause of death with the history of the decedent’s alcohol, drug abuse and depression issues.

There was no psychological autopsy because DA’s office officials conspired with L.A. Coroner’s Office officials to engage in a cover-up to hide this crucial evidence from the defense, Superior Court, Grand Jury and ultimately any trial jury. This was a case of deliberate obstruction of justice rather than a simple mistake. It was done in an effort to frame the suspect Phil Spector on a bogus murder charge.

Phil Spector has the option of bringing an action in either federal or state court for the violation of his civil rights. The immediate impact of such a lawsuit would be the removal of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office from further proceedings because a conflict of interest would be established. Instead a special prosecutor would have to be named by the court to retry Phil Spector for murder.

The ultimate legal question I have is could this also force an end to further attempts to prosecute Phil Spector? Another question is also raised about the ability of Judge Larry Paul Fidler to hear this case. That’s because Judge Fidler may well have become a co-conspirator after he ruled against much of the psychological evidence produced by the defense from being disclosed to the jury.


Anonymous said...

One thing for sure is if Fidler would have allowed the defense to produce that this jury would have not been 10-2. I bet juror # 9 Mr Enriquez would have been the one holdout for guilty. One has to wonder if Mr Enriquez already had his mind made up going into deliberations from what he himself has been saying publicly.

A Voice of Sanity said...

... the normal investigative procedure for the L.A. County Coroner’s Office was obstructed by the District Attorney’s office ... a standard psychological autopsy was both warranted and needed.

It may not have violated his rights but it is a red flag that the intent quickly became to 'get' Spector and not to seek for the truth - as required by the DA's oath of office.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking like Duane who posted his opinion that Juror #9 would have been the lone holdout for guilty had Fidler let the defense try its case without censorship.
Ricardo Enriquez, Juror #9, said in a post trial interview that he thought Spector guilty at the beginning of the trial and figured jury duty would be a "done deal" - "in and out" as he put it. Noting #9's know-it-all pushy personality, I imagine he was instrumental in swaying some jurors to the guilty side.

Anonymous said...

I am sure of this... the discussion on Court TV's boards... did mimic the jury's concerns. Court TV will be known as TRU TV when Spector II arrives. By then, Court TV and it's discussion board should be just a pro prosecution discussion. There is even speculations around concerning some in the jury reading the board's discussions of the case.

Juror #9 was on the phone with "sprocket", a nickname used by one of the people who posted opinions at the Court TV discussion board, the same day the mistrial was declared. That evening.

Judge Fidler gagging the defendants wife, shows he knew there was some cheating going on by the jury.

How can Rachelle prevent herself from being gagged next time? Is she still gagged? Was that MySpace posting hers? I am not on Phil's friends list... so I am clueless about that.

Does Phil have a wireless internet router? If so... it's a small thing to hack into his network. I broke into mine in about 10 minutes. Google "BackTrack 2" to find out how. Maybe and it's community discussion board.
Or talk to the crackers themselves... at irc://


Unknown said...

Well forget the irc link. They are very paranoid. I approached them with the subject, and they refused to say yes or no. Hahaha.

Well I know it for sure. A person with reasonable skill, can break in to a Home network... and sniff passwords.

Someone better get a Penetration Expert into the home of Phil Spector... and do some penetration testing of the premises.

Using a linux bootable cd... such as knoppix.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=512 count=kilobytes*2 of drive C:

...will remove everything on the hard drive.

Rachelle??? Hello?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Might Makes Right is the County of Los Angeles Mantra with police brutality thrown in - as power for the course!

There are a quite a few people in LA and not just Phil Spector - that the County of Los Angeles frame using police thugs, County Judges and cover-up as a method.

In this way Phil Spector was no better off than any poor person up against the County of Los Angeles.

The only difference was that Phil had millions to pay for his defense.

The fact that we are watching injustice happen to Phil Spector in front of our very eyes emphasizes the deep flaws and corruption of the so called justice system in the County of Los Angeles.

Also you don't have to be prosecuted to be at the butt of disgusting injustice in LA. You only have to report official misconduct and be considered powerless.

At times individuals in Los Angeles - are pitted up against the County of Los Angeles and their powerhouse lawyers!

But don't rely on fair play in the County of LA! Expect corruption and expect to be driven into the ground slowly but surely.

Remember - Might Makes Right - Its the Mantra of the County of LA.