Monday, September 17, 2007

It’s Time For The Spector Jury To Face The Music

There will be no agreement and the foreman needs to get that note out to the judge that you’re all deadlocked. You can badger, threaten or nag all you want but people who understand and respect reasonable doubt will never budge.

Those jurors that feel that someone has to pay for a pathetic woman’s failed life and reckless actions with a loaded gun are a large part of society that hate the idea of personal responsibility.

Go ahead and grieve for Lana Clarkson’s mother and sister. Perhaps they failed Lana by not seeking intervention for this woman’s depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. The responsibility for Lana Clarkson’s death is a lot closer to home than Phil Spector ever was.

It’s time to let go of Phil Spector for good. Convicting Spector will not make life somehow better for anyone and Clarkson won’t be returning to this earth no matter what verdict is returned


Anonymous said...

Paul, you wrote this for the Spector jury to read. We all know they are never researching on the internet and all would avoid your story like plague in a perfect world.

The sad truth is many of them are reading this and so many other theings they should not.

What was Judge Fidler thinking when he refused to sequester the jury?

Anonymous said...

Sad but all true. Clarkson needed intervention and her close family members were just no help. Perhaps Clarkson would be alive today had someone put her into rehab.