Friday, November 10, 2006

Yet Another LAPD Taped Arrest Under Investigation

These two officers are under both FBI and a departmental investigation in connection with an arrest captured on a cell phone. I can’t tell you what led to the arrest or what kind of resistance they had to overcome before the short portion of this event you can see.

The suspect here is 24 year-old, William Cardenas, a known gang member who was being arrested in connection with possession of a stolen gun.

AP talked with the attorney that reps the arrestee and published this story.

An update! Chief William Bratton responds on the LAPD blog.


Anonymous said...

Is there a problem? Did these Officers do something wrong? I don't see anything that they did as being wrong. They were attempting to arrest a subject who refused to submit to the arrest. Wheres the problem? Personally, I would have tasered him. Much less physical effort required and quicker too!

Anonymous said...

All the perp had to do was comply with the order given....I see nothing wrong with the officers action. I doubt he has been thoroughly searched as of this point...that being said, resisting arrest warrants force.

Anonymous said...

There is usually a reason why the clip is only 20 seconds long. Doesnt show any previous struggle or chase that exhausted the cops and as anyone who fights knows a couple of shots to the grill will soften up any gang member enough to get the cuffs on him.

Anonymous said...

We should have a "Do-Nothing" day for Officers. Handle your jobs and nothing else, no on-views, no self-initiated police work. I believe Cincinnatti did it, and crime shot through the roof.