Monday, November 20, 2006

Reinstating The Military Draft Is An Absolute Necessity

Congressman Charles B. Rangel is a strange bird. He’s a Liberal Democrat with an agenda. He wants a jobs program and is calling it a draft. Young folks would be conscripted to work for the government or be in the military and receive educational benefits after honorable service.

Rangel would create a whole class of workers being forced into new jobs. What about those who are already happy with the jobs they have? This scheme may sound nice but its just plain nuts. I want to serve helping the Girl Scouts not fighting a war, who must I bribe to make that happen?

The best soldiers in our armed forces were conscripts. The draft works even though it’s a form of slavery. The draft itself is a jobs and scholarship program. It’s important that all healthy young men serve the military for two years. Exemptions for all but health or criminal history should be abolished. Conscientious Objectors should be required to work in a military or veteran’s hospital.

If the United States was involved in an expanded war with any major country we’d be defeated in short order. Our politicians have left us defenseless. Of course this is precisely the reason our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment so we as Americans could be armed and defend with our arms. Of course because of gun bans they will have to use pitchforks and shovels for arms in Washington, D.C.,Chicago and New York.

The benefits of a military draft are clear, to maintain a strong military and at the same time make young men more than mere stockholders of a government. Soldiers are trained and this training will help them to defend themselves, families and country for their entire lives.

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