Friday, November 03, 2006

Why Cops should Stop Making Gun Violation Arrests

Okay that’s a really broad statement. Let me suggest what I really mean here. We have 22,000 gun laws that really only impact law-abiding folks that need and deserve protection.

For most criminals violating gun laws, the charges are generally just add-ons that are always plea-bargained away. Criminals lose little or nothing at all when they violate gun laws.

The typical law-abiding gun offender simply gives the protection of himself and family greater respect and status then the politicians who pass and promote un-Constitutional gun laws. Should a law-abiding person be convicted of a simple gun possession or carry violation it will have great impact on gainful employment and many business licenses.

Our Judges are charged with protecting our Second Amendment rights but they are always appointed by the very same Liberal, gun-banning politicians that favor create and maintain draconian firearms laws. The Judges feel they have to punish these gun law violators or their benefactor politicians will replace them.

I won’t suggest for a second that people with rap-sheets or those engaged in criminal activity other than simple gun possession or carrying not be quickly arrested and prosecuted.

The most amazing thing that many cops don’t realize is that laws that require the registration of firearms and firearms owners don’t apply to convicted felons! The United States Supreme Court has ruled at least twice that such requirements violate the rights of the felons against self-incrimination.

If you work in a jurisdiction where firearm carry permits are either difficult or impossible to obtain I ask that you take no action whatsoever. On the rare day you find a citizen with a concealed weapon and he or she is not involved in some criminal mischief has no criminal history simply let them go in peace with their guns.

The justification is simple Americans have the right to keep and bear arms and the courts have also ruled that rights can’t be taxed (Poll Tax cases). Every police officer in the United States takes an oath upholding the Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? That would NEVER fly in Chicago. Here, from the moment a brand new recruit enters the academy on his/her very first day, they are taught that there is nothing more evil than a gun and all those who possess guns must be evil and worthy of arrest. They are so heavily indoctrinated into this way of thinking that if Jesus Christ himself were seen walking down Michigan Ave. with a pistol, he too would get locked up. It's not until a few years later that they come to the realization that the only people who are impacted by gun laws are those citizens who are usually very law abiding and carry guns ONLY as a means to defend themselves and that the criminal element could care less about gun laws, they will carry them anyway and commit criminal acts with them. It's not until they come to the common sense approach to the topic that they realize that when a government denies it's citizens the RKBA that it is actually denying them the right to defend themselves. Thats usually about the same time that they join the NRA and look the other way when they see a normal, law abiding citizen packing some heat to defend himself. I hope.

TheHatLives said...

You hit it right on the Head. A couple of years ago me and my partner saw a Older man walking down the street with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. When we stopped him it was. When we talked to him we found out he was a CTA employee on disability because he was shot, he wore a colostomy bag and was not in good health living in a bad neighborhood. I did not take his gun, we escorted him home and wished him a good night. Oh, by the way, while it did not matter to me or my partner but someone usually makes an issue out of it, me and my partner were white. The Man was Black. I do not see this type of discretion these days, I hope I am wrong.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The most important part of police work is discretion. That also what politicians don’t seem to want. You don’t lose common sense the day you’re appointed to the job and walk through the doors of the police academy.