Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Film Premiers in Westwood Village

In Westwood Village they have lots of film premiers. They’re covered by all manner of news media types. The production companies spend millions on advertising and will accept all they can get.

Two motion pictures, Babel and Harsh Times both had competing premiers in Westwood Sunday night. I had an invitation for Hasrh Times but had to crash Babel’s media gauntlet since it was too late to get media passes for that one.

Unfortunately because of bad timing I could not get good video of Brad Pitt or Cate Blanchett.

What happens is streets are shut down, lights and red carpeting are placed along with lots of posters hyping the films. The stars are always accessible during these things. Brad Pitt had to fly back from India so he could attend this one.

Here’s what I got…

Babel Official Site

Harsh Times Trailer

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