Saturday, November 18, 2006

If I Did It, Here's How It Happened

In that Broadway play, Miss Siagon, the Engineer sang about entrepreneurial opportunities in America that he longed to experience first hand as an American. In one line he sang, “(In America) you can sell shit and get thanks.” The Engineer’s message was clear that Americans have a rather large disposable income and the ability to even buy crap they don’t need.

Without having read Simpson’s new book, “If I Did It, Here's How It Happened” I have placed it in the category of crap I don’t need nor want to my waste time or money to read. That goofy title alone puts this book into the realm of watching Jerry Springer’s way too popular, TV talk show.

Gifted book promoter and publishing agent Judith Regan brokered this deal and is taking the heat for the new controversy. What’s the big beef with Regan? Controversy sells and frankly that’s Regan’s job! Are we now going to blame Regan for all the bad taste in American literature?

Okay, here’s where I part company with my fellow Gringos and copper friends. I was not upset in any way with the Not Guilty Murder Verdicts in the Simpson case. There was enough funny business with the physical evidence and exposed perjury by an important government witness to raise plenty of Reasonable Doubt. I do have a big problem with the second, civil trial and its outcome.

Did Simpson kill his wife and the Goldman kid? I was not there and never saw a security video. I have to guess just like everyone else. There’s certainly a good chance Simpson may well be the perpetrator of that ghastly double homicide.

Today Simpson is a pariah in our current pop culture world despite his acquittal. The fact is he’s raising two children and needs to make a living like everyone else. Simpson should be left alone to do this. Society has cut off much of Simpson’s earning potential and opportunities. What’s the former murder suspect to do? Simpson’s new book will make money no matter how ghoulish it’s subject matter. As for the controversy and massive publicity, that’s every bookseller’s dream.

Instead of the publisher paying for a big ad campaign, the news media and all the broadcasting giants are selling this new voyeuristic offering for free. Every time we see Fred Goldman whine about Simpson and his dead estranged son on TV, another 50,000 books will be sold. Judith Regan is a publishing genius!

Watch Fred Goldman Whine!


Unknown said...

I have a feeling the pundits are over reacting to this OJ story. Should we wait and see what book and Fox TV show is about before we get all upset?

Judith Regan has published some books by bottom feeders such as Lush Limpballs. She dated a married man Bernie Kerik Former NYC police commissioner and Bush Home Land Security failed nominee.

But Ron Goldman has made a living off his sons’s death. His son was some sort of gigalo in LA.


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®

Anonymous said...

Paul, you have crossed over to the other side. Come back to Chicago. You need a good dose of common sense which is obtainable only in the Midwest. You attack Mr. Goldman. You question his sons character. How would YOU feel if your child,spouse or friend was savagely murdered by this barbarian and was then aquitted of the crime in a supposed court of law? Would you remain silent or would you do what Mr. Goldman has done? Was his son loose? So what. Did he deserve to die because this savage who has been pampered and coddled his entire life couldn't control himself or accept the fact that things were over between him and his wife?
Come back to Chicago Paul. Spend a couple of weeks back home. See the world as it really is, not the plastic version that your accustomed to seeing out there.Get your values and your ability to think clearly re-instilled. It's obvious you have been away too long.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have only sympathy for Ron Goldman not criticism. He was savagely murdered, as was Nicole Simpson. Fred Goldman was and is an opportunist who has done exactly what he’s accused Simpson of doing, profiting off the murder of his own estranged son he had not talked to in years. The elder Goldman is a Jerk.

I do miss Chicago and have always though there was something funny in the drinking water on the Left Coast. If I start saying that Bill Clinton and Karl Marx were right, please come out and shoot me because I couldn’t be in my right mind.