Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sex Offender Style Registries For Gun Ban Violators Are Coming Soon

Somehow we elected too many Gun-Rights hating politicians again in this country. They're chomping at the bit to exact revenge on gun owners for their successfully evicting of a whole gaggle of gun-rights haters from Congress in 1994. Now these politicians have big plans for a War On Guns.

These politicians, being aided by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) are trying to create a Gun Offender Registry that operates just like the popular Sex Offender Registries. They will put the names of people that violate any of the highly technical gun laws and bans. They will then place these victims in with killers, rapists and muggers using guns during crimes.

The IACP is controlled by the big city police executives appointed by the exclusively Liberal Democrat, big city mayors.

Because a person carries a gun for self-protection in a high crime neighborhood with no visible police protection and the local politicians refuse to provide concealed weapon permits he will qualify for placement on the list of Gun Law Offenders.

The Gun Offender status will be encoded on driver’s licenses, so you can get, “the treatment” on a traffic stop. This of course will be in the name of Officer Safety.

These same politicians will need to appoint a new cabinet level, Gun War Czar. The character created by the late actor Charles Middleton, Emperor Ming fits the correct profile for this position.

The future of gun owners and their rights in America are more at risk then ever.

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