Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kevin Federline's Extortion Of Wife Britney Spears

That story is flying all over the place today. Allegedly the recently dumped Federline claims to have four hours of an explicit sex tape of him and the Little Pop Tart Princess getting it on. Supposedly Federline is threatening to make the tape available for public consumption if Spears doesn’t pay him what he wants.

I think such a tape if it exists could quickly bring $200 million in profits if placed on the celebrity porn film market.

Now a more serious problem for Federline are the felony crime laws against extortion and racketeering he may well have violated.

Federline is out on his tattooed ass with little hope of continuing to live the lifestyle he quickly became used to living. A pre-nuptial agreement prevents Federline from cashing into much of Britney Sprears’ estate. Should Federline somehow gain child custody he will get a handsome monthly child support payment to keep the kids in style.

Should Federline get jailed for extortion, child support will no longer be an issue.

I quickly grew to dislike Federline when he allowed that pathetic tape he shot of his soon to be ex who was under the influence to hit the Internet. That really ugly tape has been removed from YouTube’s web site after millions have viewed it. Spears was obviously in a private moment and that tape would never enhance her career. No husband should ever release such a tape even with the consent of his wife. Federline is a world-class jerk.

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