Saturday, November 04, 2006

Black Panther Terrorist May Finally Be Extradited

Time is apparently running out for a Black Panther terrorist and fugitive who shot Chicago police officer, Terrence Knox and partially paralyzed him for life. Parnell may yet be returned to face justice in a Cook County Criminal courtroom.

The fugitive, Joseph Parnell was also a wanted deserter from the Army when he shot Officer Knox during a routine street stop in 1969. After his arrest Pannell posted bail and fled to Canada where he stayed underground until his arrest in 2004.

Pannel has been in a Canadian jail fighting his return to Chicago and a well earned stretch in an Illinois penitentiary.

Many readers here know that I’m somewhat benevolent about people located and arrested decades after their crimes. What makes this case different is that the Black Panthers were created and dedicated for the mission of killing White cops.

I can’t wait to see his old Black Panther pal, now Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush working for Pannel’s freedom.

Read about it in the Chicago Sun Times


Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Gun control was created to control African-Americans ever since Post-Civil War reconstruction. Gun control is in itself the most pervasive racist group of laws in America today.

The Black Panther Party was and is a bunch of criminals with the rap sheets that support my statement about that. The Panthers chose to begin indiscriminately shooting cops and killed 40 before their reign of terror ended in this country. Two dead Chicago cops murdered by Panther scum were friends of mine.

I piss on Black Panthers. Had they not made war on cops and worked from the political side I would not call those Panther turds, terrorists.

The only good Black Panther is a DEAD Black Panther. The Black Panthers were funded and to a great extent run by Communists.

I will fight for the right of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. The biggest oppressors of the rights of African-Americans to keep and bear arms are African-American politicians elected from all-Black districts.

Do you want to go after the people that suppress the rights of Blacks in America? You can begin with the Black politicians you’ve been voting for!

Why is Black Panther member and now Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush always voting to keep African-Americans disarmed?

leomemorial said...

The Panthers WERE terrorists and the FBI had to suddenly deal with this new and dangerous group. The BPP raped, killed, stole, etc. They were extremely racist.

Pannell is another BPP coward who fled the country, as many of the others.

Bobby Rush is another BPP idiot that needs to be voted OUT tomorrow.

Terry Knox has been through sheer hell. 37 years ago, he almost lost his life. To make it worse, his own dept. kicked him to the curb when he was denied Sergeant because of his arm. I wish him the very best.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how it's not a big deal for a "cop" to get shot for doing nothing wrong but let a "cop" shoot someone else, no matter how unlawful the person was, and it becomes a major issue always resorting back to race. Why are their not any stories of a black cop shooting a white criminal shown and blown out of proportion? I'll tell you why, because it's not as controversial as a white cop shooting a black criminal. I hate how today's "hurt" society feels the need to say cops are wrong for every incident that involves a black criminal. I admit, there does exist some bad, corrupt, and crooked cops, but not everyone cop is bad. You people have to realize though, no cop is so smart to get away with that type of behavior for too long. And nine out of ten times, the bad street cops are backed by politicians. Maybe you should focus your attention on the upper brass rather than the street cop you see everyday writing tickets or arresting someome for commtting a crime, no matter how minute the crime may appear to you, it's still a crime.

Fed up cop.