Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Better Idea For Airline Security In America

Every time I must travel on an American commercial airliner the TSA torture gauntlet becomes more offensive and demeaning. I simply hate to fly anywhere anymore. They are trying to program us with the idea that the more miserable they make us the safer we are. It’s simply a lie.

We can however change the rules and ease the threat considerably. We can end air travel on American carriers for all foreigners from enemy countries. We begin with Iran and Iraq and add countries to the no fly list. Citizens of those countries, even those with American Green Cards can fly the carriers of other countries.

I can just hear the Liberals screaming about this concept. Aren’t these Liberal folks from the same Democratic Party that controlled Congress and that wildly popular Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II? Wasn’t it the very same folks that detained every Japanese American and forced them into interment camps? This action is not nearly as drastic. These folks from enemy countries are free to fly their own country’s carriers or not fly at all.

If we require passports and valid Green Cards to fly on America carriers, we can curtail movement by illegal aliens too. We can always make exception for one-way passage home for those people here from friendly nations.

Perhaps we can then relax the screening of American passengers to a level of civil courteousness and a pre-9/11 state.


Anonymous said...

Did you forget Americans can be terrorists also, the Unibomber for example. Not all terrorists are from the middle east just like all illegal immigrants aren't from mexico. Have you ever thought a better solution may be through understanding and not through separation. Lastly, how about you deal with the security like the rest of us, no one likes waiting in lines but it's part of real life now. You have the option to not fly, if you don't want to be screened take the train or drive.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The Unabom case involved a really bright fellow who could have done mass murder on a huge scale but instead selectively went after individuals and did not harm others. Bomber Tim McVeigh was exacting revenge on the federal government for that inexcusable massacre in Waco. He was not going after the general public.

We have never had a domestic terrorist on a jihad or Mission From God to kill innocents. That’s uniquely a radical Muslim thing.

You can say, “But what if” all you want and it’s not going to be the threat these Muslim murders are. This is really quite simple either they have an American passport or they cant board an American plane.

This is not about waiting in line! It’s about our dignity, privacy and liberty! This crap we are doing to ourselves in un-American!

Perhaps the Americans that are too afraid to fly with other free Americans should drive or walk to their destinations.

rrg808 said...

You tell 'em Paul. What I understand is that radical Islam prefers any westerners’ dead and can't be reasoned with at all. We can try to understand them all we like but that won't keep our airlines and citizens safe... We need action! I love the ladida solution from this person. Many people don't have the option or time to take a train or drive across the country if that is where they need to go. We should be able to patronize our airlines without being badgered excessively...