Monday, November 20, 2006

Burning O.J. Simpson’s Yet To Be Published Book

The breaking news today is that Rupert Murdoch has cancelled O.J. Simpson's upcoming book and TV special amid the controversy and threats of boycotts by Fox affiliates and various booksellers.

I have in image in my mind like the one above of a book burning by Nazis during the Third Reich in an newsreel film. The Nazis did this during celebrations of sorts that were really quite pointless deeds like shooting the messengers for bringing us bad news.

None of us read Simpson’s book and frankly I don’t want to do so. We have to accept there are millions of people that want to shell out their hard earned cash to buy and read this book now more than ever.

I’m no Judith Regan, but I could spend much of the so-called, blood money on some very worthwhile needs. The fact is this book is a hot property and will sell somewhere and rather quickly. I only wish I could have a part in the deal.

As for Fred Goldman, I never thought he was very bright. Goldman has done all he could do to stop Simpson’s book and TV interview plans. Now Goldman can’t even try to claim even a part of the proceeds to satisfy his huge and unpaid judgment against Simpson. I guess Goldman wants to sell men’s suits in Scottsdale for the rest of this life.

No I’m not sad for Simpson over this. Instead I’m sad that we as a society have apparently learned nothing about concept of freedoms of thought and speech. This was a victory for ignorance.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's only a feel good solution. We can feel good about ourselves and our values, outside of the fact that interviewers will keep on interviewing and magazines will keep on selling and the notion of killing for money will continue to move tickets at the box office. Denying OJ a paycheck in this particular instance is so the public can feel clean. It's pretty useless. And the late John Wayne Gacy has fans across the country buying his paintings.