Sunday, November 05, 2006

All Executions Should Be A Public Event

I’m not a fan of governments having the ability to execute people. The truth is that killing by governments has probably done more than enough in the area of necessary population control in the world. Governments have easily killed 100 million people in the last 100 years.

Saddam Hussein and two of his henchmen will soon climb some stairs to their gallows and make the big drop. Their necks will snap and they will die. These will be perhaps the most photographed and filmed executions in the world to date. Video of these killings will be all over the Internet.

What can we expect of our own American broadcast television outlets? They will be there, watch and record the entire event. Every news gathering employee will watch the entire hangings in video editing bays all over the world. They will edit news packages for public consumption where the act itself in excised out. The networks will make a pretended attempt to demonstrate they are dignified protectors of the public in an act of true insincerity.

The fact is we all need to see what governments are doing to our fellow human beings. As for television viewers they can decide for themselves if they’d rather watch an episode of American Idol or a live hanging on their TV sets. The power of our remote controls is really awesome.

I only wish I had exclusive control over the pay-per-view and DVD distribution rights to this historic event. The guy who pulled off that feat with his sex romp with Paris Hilton was able to by a $6 million dollar home with his proceeds. I can’t imagine what kind of palace I’d be able to buy from the revenue proceeds of these hangings. I’m sure I’d have even more paying viewers and could charge more if they did not use those hoods over the heads of the condemned.

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