Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dark Days Are Ahead for Gun Owners In America

With control of both Houses Of Congress in the hands of Democrats and a Presidential election in two years, we will face the largest challenges to our freedom ever in the history of this country.

It’s only a slim margin you say? The now expired so called Assault weapons ban was tied 50-50 for passage in the Senate until Al Gore voted his party line to break the tie. We were saddled with that hateful legislation for ten long years!

Elect a Republican you say? Who? John McCain or Rudy Guliani? Why both of these top Republican contenders are long time gun-rights haters. Don’t expect them to care about our gun rights despite what they will tell us to get our votes. As for the Democrats, I can’t wait to see Hillary Clinton’s duck hunting outfit for her photo op as a defender of the Second Amendment.

I fully expect top see a brand new version of that gun ban this time classifying many more firearms as Assault Weapons than they did last time. Expect and end to the gun shows along with bans on ammunition and excessive taxation. An effort to tax and register every last gun in America can be expected as a part of their package.

You’ll hear that term Sensible Gun Laws thrown around again. Sensible to a gun-rights hater is en end to the legal ownership of firearms.

The specter of those homicidal Ruby Ridge and Waco style assaults on guns owners are looming ahead for all of us who will dare to continue owning firearms.


-AndyB- said...

That really is a gloom and doom forecast - and not without potential.

The question is - who will enforce all those draconian rules, regs, statutes, ordinances and federal fiats?

Might I hope that there would be a wave of refusal to pursue due to the overt infringement of the constitution?


Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I wish you were correct in your confidence in your fellow man. We learned what to expect from our BATFE and FBI at Ruby Ridge and Waco. They followed orders like the Nazis that were charged with running gas chambers. Should Americans be unwilling to kill other Americans perhaps the illegal aliens can be recruited for a military force to deal punitively with troublesome Americans

Anonymous said...

Sad, but very true.

It's going to be a long, hard road for gun-owners.

Anonymous said...

Since legislation only hampers those who are into following laws, it just means more of us will have to get our weapons illegally. Like they aren't smart enought to figure that out? Think prohibition. Didn't stop the making/shipping/consumption of booze. When they turn this country into another england look alike, I am counting on my breathren red-necks to be armed and ready.:-)