Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rapper Snoop Doggie Dog Is Getting A Bum Rap

To begin I’m no fan of rap or this character. The stereotype he projects has made me laugh at him rather then with him. It’s a great country when a guy like the Snoop Dog can make an honest living at whatever it is that he does.

The Orange County District Attorney has filed charges against the rapper who’s true name is Calvin Broadus. That led to the issuance of a felony warrant for possession of a deadly weapon. The violation carries a three-year prison term.

It was September 27th when a TSA worker found a 21” collapsible baton in Snoop’s laptop computer case. The TSA has the power to levy a monetary civil penalty up to $10,000.00, which I’m sure they have already done for having the baton in the TSA’s frisk and fondle checkpoint of the airport. People often forget that they’ve packed prohibited items in their carryon items. It’s no big deal.

Is this baton really a deadly weapon? Perhaps by the California penal code it may be, but in reality it’s far less deadly than a common pipe wrench. That baton is a mild defense weapon that could be employed by Snoop to ward off the likes of a stalker attack.

I say that Snoop Dog has a legitimate need to carry something for self-defense. Since Snoop is a convicted felon that can’t be a gun. The little baton is very reasonable under the circumstances. Had Snoop been my client I would have suggested he carry the wrench, which would have been far more effective and not led to his troubles today. Felon or not Snoop or anyone else has a right to defend himself or herself in America.

This prosecution of Snoop Doggie Dog is pure baloney and should be stopped now.

The Dog has other pending criminal troubles that include an afternoon arrest last week at the Burbank, Bob Hope Airport. It seems that during a traffic stop, Burbank police found the Dog in possession of narcotic drugs and a handgun. By early evening the Dog was on his way after posting thirty-five grand for bail.

It certainly appears as if this dog will be spending some time in the spookhouse unless he finds his way to a country that won’t extradite him.

Update November 5, 2006: Snoop Dog came in for booking at the Orange County Sheriff's office and quickly posted bail and was released. He's going to take his chances at the roulette wheel of criminal justice.

Gun and weapons laws were created after Post-Civil War reconstruction to keep Blacks from owning or carrying weapons. Perhaps someday the courts will see the folly of un-Constitutional arms prohibitions.


Anonymous said...

Eff this savage. He is a convicted felon, an ACTIVE crips gang member, and SELF_ADMITTED pimp. Just off the top of my head I know he's been arrested in England for a melee at the airport in which 7 officers got injured, prior arrests for guns, and was high the whole week when he guest hosted on the Jimmy Kimmel show. A real role model for the kidies, ehh?

Anonymous said...

Paul, are you hanging out with Jessie Jackson again?

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking nuts? You just lost all credibility when you defend this POS. Fuck him. Me thinks you have been spending too much time in Lala land and have lost connection with who you once were. Stay away from liberals. This is what happens when you don't!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have a simple philosophy and that is if we don’t protect the freedoms and liberty of dopes like the Dog, who then will protect ours.

If it was your own mother who was packing that little baton for protection would you want her charged with a felony and facing a three year stay in the spookhouse?

If they can pinch the dog for this kind of crap mom may someday be forced into the Buga-Buga line too.

Anonymous said...

Nice try. Theres a world of difference betwen little old mom and snoop doggy dog. Mom hasn't been charged or considered a suspect in anything unlike your gangster friend who has. Look a little harder for someone else to become your poster boy against government repression. You might make a stronger case.