Wednesday, November 08, 2006

George Bush Has Seriously Damaged The Republican Party

One has to understand fully why the Republicans lost control both houses of Congress. George Bush was always a lousy choice to be the standard bearer for the party. Bush is a typical Texas Liberal who pretends to be a Republican because it’s the only way he can win an election against other Liberals.

The single largest blow Bush dealt to the Republican Party was that failed Guest Worker Amnesty plan for the millions of illegal aliens that have squatted on our soil.

Mexico has exported crime, drugs and their uneducated to America unchecked for decades. Despite sufficient laws on the books to deal with the problem the immigrants were either exploited as a political force for the Democrats and as low paid workers for far too many of our corporations.

That inexcusable refusal of the Bush administration to enforce existing immigration laws did the most damage to our own working poor. The hardest hit are our own Black and Brown people who lost jobs to the invaders. This issue was never about race or national origin but about the destruction of our economy, schools and health case system.

This inaction and Guest Worker proposal has caused way too many Conservatives to turn their backs on the Republicans that are viewed as the problem and not the solution.

In the next year or so the Republican Party must find another candidate for the Presidential Ticket. I see another pretend Conservative being groomed for the ballot. That’s the very Liberal John McCain. McCain who is gifted to talk like a Conservative while he votes most often with the most Liberal Democrats in the Senate.

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So who's your guy for 08?