Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Laughable Brain Dead Brit’s Insane Anti-Knife Campaign

They already took the guns from law-abiding citizens of the United Kingdom and the crime rate has soared well into the stratosphere ever since. Now that nation’s do-gooders are after knives.

Along with a big ad campaign they’ve created collection points where Brits can do their part by turning in those awful knives before the government simply takes them away.

The United Kingdom abolished any and all rights to self-defense long ago. The government ties down the law-abiding citizens while allowing the criminals to rape, rob and murder without interruption. Of course you can always dial 999 and wait for the police to put your remains into a rubber body bag.

This goofy land will be safe from any dollars I have to spend on vacations.

A website to help Brits along with the program.

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Anonymous said...

These guys are retarded. No, excuse me, I was slighting the mentaly handicaped as they are smarter than the UK government.