Monday, November 20, 2006

Jerry Springer’s Strange Bedfellows Television Special

JWe all know these faces, Fred Goldman, O.J. Simpson and Denise Brown. I’d never pick any of these folks to be my friends. They were and still are part of the huge saga that launched so many careers of personalities and pundants in that circus called O.J. Simpson case.

This was really more about two people savagely stabbed and slashed to death in the swank community of Brentwood on the West Side of Los Angeles. Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman may well have been murdered by O.J. but the jury found reasonable doubt. Of course that jury of public opinion is deadlocked almost down the middle along racial lines.

Fred Goldman and Denise Brown both tried very hard to capitalize on their new celebrity victim status making the rounds of the talk shows and TV specials. Quickly their stars faded as Fred Goldman is selling men’s suits and Denise brown is trying to do something with her charitable victim’s foundation promoted with the free publicity generated by her victim status.

O.J. Simpson’s career as an actor and TV pitchman ended as a result of the civil judgment against him by the two surviving kin of the murdered victims. That’s a judgment that we all know will never be paid.

Forgotten in this mix are the two children of O.J. and Nicole Simpson. They deserve a life and have had to bear the grief of this ongoing battle of words and hatred for most of their childhood.

I have a solution for everyone involved in the form of a settlement that would pay off for everyone including the two forgotten children being raised by Simpson. The lawyers for all involved need to sit down and work out a realistic settlement while the parties are still young enough to enjoy it.

It can begin with a face off on prime time television hosted by the one and only Jerry Springer. They can shout and scream at each other all they want. I’d let the agents for the contenders work out the details. Perhaps a series of these confrontations with guests like the cops, lawyers, reporters, pendants, witnesses and other wildlife made famous during the Simpson Circus.

Oh, and O.J. must agree to split the proceeds to his now well over promoted book three ways.

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sage0409 said...

I've never understood how money can ease loss of a loved one or end the painful grief process. I can see filing a lawsuit when one was angry and once that was not all consuming moving on with one's life. I cannot comprehend the constant dogging of O.J.'s every penny being done in righteous indignation, I see it as pure greed. I especially see greed on the part of poor Nicole's mostly unemployed family.