Monday, November 20, 2006

It’s Probation For George Weller Of Santa Monica

Three years ago ten people were killed and over 60 others were injured when George Weller lost control of his car at the crowded Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Today L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson passed sentence on the 89-year old Weller who is a month shy of his 90th birthday. In recent years the law has provided for victim impact statement giving living victims and the relatives of the dead the opportunity to say whatever they want to the court before sentence handed down. Those victims came in, read from their prepared statements and rambled before the court in that pointless exercise.

I’ve hated this prosecution and jury verdict that’s based on witchcraft and psychic phenomena. That's the only way they could determine Weller’s thoughts and presumed intent at the time of the disaster. They called Weller’s event as an intentional act despite Weller’s perfect record as a citizen and driver.

Today Weller’s health is in such a state of decline that he can’t control his bodily functions. They attempted to install a pacemaker in Weller’s chest and that failed. Prison for Weller would have made the government responsible for his huge ongoing medical bills and care. This while Weller is a threat to nobody.

Now watch as the vultures take Weller’s home, furniture and all assets via the civil lawsuits. Perhaps they can make sure the government has to pay for Weller burial when he dies too. Perhaps they can get any gold teeth he has in his mouth once he’s dead.

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