Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Want To Come Back As Tony Bennett In The Next Life

As I’m now finding myself on the dark side of 50 the depression of my suffering from the terminal illness of aging is a reality. Tonight I watched the NBC Special, Tony Bennett, An American Classic, and watched an amazing and ageless phenomenon.

Here is a guy that had a hot career when I was a little kid and he’s still singing and dancing with really delightful women. I’m sure by now Bennett is outliving his dentists and doctors. Not only That, but he is singing as good as ever.

Bennett survived Rock& Roll, The Beatles, and Disco without missing a stroke. So many singers ended their careers with those speed bumps but not Tony Bennett. Rather than conform to fads he was the fad for nearly 60 years so far.

With a life like Bennett’s, is the earned wealth, lots of first class, world travel and the thrill of meeting and performing with every music legend on earth. Of course it all began in New York in those jazz clubs for little or no pay while he developed his voice and persona. The day will come when we will lose Tony Bennett but we will never lose the gift of his wonderful music. To NBC, all the performers and others that made this special I say thank you. To Anthony Benedetto, I say thank you.

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Anonymous said...

HE is a good singer but I boycott him because of his anti-gun aggenda and supporting and promotting anti-gun groups.