Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Comic Rapper Katt Williams Is Getting Laughs In The L A County Jail Tonight

Wait a minute this story sound really fishy to me. The heroes of the TSA prevented this comic star of rap from boarding the plane with several guns. Katt Williams allegedly had one gun in carryon luggage and three additional guns in his checked baggage.

When the LAX cops came and investigated they found the gun in his carryon bag to have been reported stolen. The beef is so bad Williams is being held with out bail under his real name Micah Williams. The arrest was made at 4:30 pm.

Can this guy really be that stupid? Okay I don’t think he’s a genius but is he really that dumb? Somehow I believe Williams must have been the victim of a malicious prank that’s just too easy to pull on an unsuspecting traveler these days. Was Williams set up by someone? I think it’s very possible.

I remember a case in Phoenix where a man tried to have someone help him place cocaine in the metal tubing around an infant carrier being transported on an airplane by his estranged wife. This was a conspiracy to win child custody in his nasty divorce. The plot never was hatched and the mastermind was arrested and sent to prison for unrelated crimes.

These zero tolerance policies on airplanes invite this kind of behavior. Of course if the target of this kind of prank is a convicted felon not much can be done to keep him out of prison.

Right now I just holding my nose on this one until more facts are in.


Anonymous said...

Not knowing the guy...my kneejerk reaction is: Yeah, he's that 'arrogant'. All the performers, especially rappers, lead me to believe they think they are 'just that special' that they can get away with crap like this. I don't care if he was set up or not. I'm glad to see the TSA actaully did their jobs right for a change!

Anonymous said...

I use to think katt was a smart man but apparently I thought wrong.Brining a gun to a airport is just plain dumb. I don't know what was goin through his head but I think one of the things was fear.I just hope he wont be stupid enough to pull another stunt this extreme or it'll be bye,bye kids

Anonymous said...

Katt is the man. i hope he shoots you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone reading know how to spell Publicity stunt ? I think I do :-s