Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Court TV -- CNN Please Have The Decency To Fire Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace, the former prosecutor whose questionable practices have led to court reversals, has been sued in connection with the suicide of Melinda Duckett. Duckett shot herself to death after Grace's outrageous interrogation. Even after they knew about Duckett's death, CNN Headline News aired a segment showing Grace hammering the young mother about her whereabouts Aug. 27 the day 2-year-old Trenton Duckett was reported missing.

Now Duckett’s family has filed suit claiming Grace caused Duckett’s emotional distress leading to the suicide. Grace used her program to interfere with the ongoing police investigation by accusatory and confrontational questioning of Duckett on national TV.

Grace has polluted public opinion with her misstatement of facts and inflammatory commentary regarding high profile criminal cases since the day she was allowed on the airwaves. Under the guise of news reporting on criminal trials Grace always does her best to influence the outcome of trials by slanting every case heavily to favor the prosecution.

In the Duckett case facts have surfaced recently leading authorities to believe that little Trenton Duckett is still alive.

It’s time for Court TV and CNN to send Grace packing before she does more damage.

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