Monday, November 06, 2006

Winning Elections Through Fraud Chicago Style

Poll watchers, law enforcement and best intentions can never stop fraud in Chicago’s or other big city African-American precincts.

Here’s how it works:

Democratic Precinct Captains run the precinct polling places. They live in the precinct and know everyone. They register everyone to vote regardless of felony convictions, age or mental ability. Often the voter does not even know he or she’s registered. The rolls of voters also include people who never even existed!

To insure fair elections the law requires judges to be appointed in every precinct. In Chicago’s African-American precincts there are few Republicans to appoint. Democrats are recruited to switch parties and take these paid positions. The most ignorant, inebriated or slower people are asked to become judges in these precincts. The Democratic Precinct Captains control these appointments through their existing Democratic judges.

The voters really do vote early and often and as many as 25% of the actual votes cast are done by the Democratic Precinct Captain himslef. It’s a fine way to help the absent (as in jail), dead and non-existent voters partake in the democratic process. The turnout of voters is always really huge in these precincts because of corruption rather than public spiritedness.

Poll watchers are easy to derail especially when they are White folks. Their cars are damaged where they are parked. Gang members are recruited to cause thee poll watchers to believe they will be raped, robbed or murdered. The poll watcher quickly leave the area never to return.

At 6:00 pm the polls close and the vote counting begins. The Democratic Precinct Captain is prohibited by law to handle the election material. The problem is that the captain is usually the only one in the place that understands how the votes are counted and material filed. Of Course the Captain has is closest pal appointed as a judge to help here. Soon the captain is asked by all the exhausted judges to help with the counting.

Here’s where the fun begins. Punch cards are deliberately spoiled merely by punching out another chad should the voter have voted for a Republican. Since voting twice is unacceptable the ballot is spoiled this way. The paper ballots such as in judicial races are handled the same way. Placing a second “X” on the paper spoils that ballot.

All of this tomfoolery takes time and that’s why the election returns come in from the ghetto last.

There is supposed to be a policeman in the polling place but that’s been kind of a joke since he or she only acts on complaints from the election judges anyway and they never complain.

This is exactly how John F. Kennedy was elected as President.


leomemorial said... had a video on how to scam with the new voting system here.

Us Chicagoans are going to get screwed again, abd the clout will benefit once more.

Now I know why you moved from here Paul. It took me a few months to realize it, but you were right...

Anonymous said...

Guess what? They did it again. Yes, they stole another election. Steve Urkell aka Todd Stroger is now going to be our county board president. I didn't think it was possible but they did it.