Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here Come The Bolsheviks!

Ignorant voters for in two countries have re-installed Bolsheviks to power. These Communists used successful political campaigns that sold the unworkable program of confiscation and redistribution wealth to members of the population that just didn’t know they were being fooled.

Bush can be blamed for putting us into a Vietnam War like quagmire in Iraq. Without making promises or even promoting a real exit plan, the Leftist American politicians are looked to by a significant portion of the population as a vehicle to end that war. A Congress led by a San Francisco Communist will only follow the road to even wilder taxation and waste of that money taken away from American households. They won't even bother to get us out of Iraq in the process.

As for Nicaragua, that poor Central American country has taken a giant step backward too by electing another Communist, Daniel Ortega.

The slow destruction of this our own once great country is back on track. The land of freedom and liberty will quickly fall under the fist of the Iron Maiden from the land of Saddam and Gomorrah.

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Anonymous said...

We are in for tough times. Between Ortega winning and who will undoubtedly team up with Chavez, the Islamic terrorists who will become emboldened once the democraps withdraw from Iraq and the Communists that were elected yesterday, we are truely f.....! I think I have to pull an Alec Baldwin and leave the country. Naw, why be a pussy like he is