Friday, July 01, 2011

Illinois needs to expel Cook County or its other Counties Secede forming a New State

Chicago, IL—This city has been dictating to the entire state politically for far too long. The Windy City is controlled and run by diehard Socialists that have created their own Utopia. The problem is that love for this political scheme is not shared statewide. Cook County needs to be a separate state perhaps called Northeastern Illinois.

The political and social division between the other Illinois counties and Cook is staggering. It’s time that the other counties and Cook part ways.

The Socialists in Chicago can do what they want to themselves but should no longer be able to control the lives and property of the other counties that reject the un-American direction Chicago has taken.

This idea was unveiled in Southern California by Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone. He is spearheading a drive that may cause thirteen counties to secede for California and form the state of Southern, California. Stone’s goal is to secure the Southern border, balance budgets and improve schools while they create a pro-business climate that will create new jobs.

This concept is a treatment for all the nation’s larger cities that have favored Socialism. If their Marxist ideas are better these larger cities should rejoice at this idea. This may be a good treatment if not a cure for bad local governments.


Anonymous said...

When I was a young liberal, I agreed with Mike Royko that Chicago should secede from Illinois to form its own city-state, since the rest of the state was full of backward bumpkins. I still agree that Chicago AND Cook County should be a separate state. That way I don't have to move so far to get the hell away from these stinkin' marxists.

These liberals all think they're so brilliant and these fools don't have a clue that their solutions just cause more of what is caustic to society. They for the most part, live a sensible life and take responsibility for their own actions, but here is the rub, they believe poor people have to be allowed to live their lives in a destructive manner because to do otherwise would be racist.

Anonymous said...

Strange - this is exactly how I feel about New York City and Long Island - cut it off and set it to sea. They're messing up the whole state.

Anonymous said...

Paul I live in the south central part of the Police State of Illinois. I have said for years and years that Chicago should be separated from Illinois and called the District of Chicago. If the goons who run Chicago don't want to CCW than DON'T. BUT, leave the rest of us law abiding good citizens alone. Illinois is the laughing stock of the nation because of the commie bastards who run rough shod over the rest of the state. As soon as I retire we are outta this f**ked up State. It's a crying ass shame that a few Chicago goons can run the whole State.

Puggg said...

Pat Quinn won Governor last November for one reason and one reason only: Crook County. Take away Crook County, and Brady wins that election very handily.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Crook County CONTINUALLY drags all other illinois Counties down the drain along with it, via it's corruption , theft, mismanagement, waste, fraud, lack of accountability in budget spending, abject failure of virtually EVERY Government-run program, etc; etc; etc. No more pouring Illinois Tax Dollars into the bottomless Pit of Waste that is Crookago/Crook County, the communist Capital of the USA.