Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Fear Pandering Brady Campaign/Center is on Life Support Today

Washington, DC—They’ve been around for over four decades changing their name and goals like most people change their underwear. Today it’s the Brady Campaign that has been trading on the name of former presidential media spokesman, Jim Brady wounded by a madman.

I have the most fun with Brady grading states on what they’ve been calling sensible gun laws. Gun laws, is misleading because it’s only gun bans this organization will fully support. As for the list, the states with the most restrictive gun bans are also the most violent ones. The states Brady has flunked are always the ones with minimal rates of violent crime. Of course the most violent cities rate Brady’s A or A-plus rating. The violent cities of America all have Leftist mayors the Brady folks support and love.

The Brady people were experts at misleading the public with their propaganda. They re-invented a whole class of firearms by redefining the title of Assault Weapons. Assault weapons are select-fire military rifles or carbines. The Brady people abused the term to include anything looking similar to an assault weapons. The ignorant media was sucked into this deception and they still misuse that term today.

The deception led to that failed ten-year Assault Weapons Ban we saw passed by a single vote. Today it is expired and there is little interest outside of some diehard gun rights haters to bring it back. The hated ban simply had zero impact on violent crime.

The Brady people nearly succeeded in convincing the entire nation that gun bans would somehow keep them safe. However, the experience was radically different. Gun laws are only obeyed by the law-abiding and as a result of the bans violent criminals are assured unarmed and unprotected victims.

The Brady people railed against returning law-abiding their right to arm themselves with a concealed weapon for self-protection. State by their hysterical campaign of fear-mongering failed. The Brady people predicted the streets would run red with blood and these armed citizens would be turned into armed zombie killers.

States began keeping accurate statistics and learned that the permitted gun packers were incredibly well-behaved. A tiny percentage of permits were suspended or revoked after a holder would use deadly force but they were soon reinstated once these shootings were ruled justifiable. I’ve yet to see a case where a criminal committing a violent crime actually bothered to get a permit to carry a firearm to some crime scene.

The carry bans have fallen so far in all but one state, Illinois. Litigation appears to be forcing Illinois to fall in line with the Second Amendment. Various courts have ruled the Second Amendment guarantees not just the right to keep arms but to bear them as well.

The Brady Campaign’s days of peddling fear are all but over. Americans in many places have spent over four decades unarmed and vulnerable to criminals.

Americans have learned that magazine capacity is more about dealing with cowardly criminals that travel in groups. Americans are rapidly learning they need not submit to urban terrorism enabled by ignorant politicians who bought into the defective Brady philosophy.

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