Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict Reaction Dangerous To American Liberty

Orlando, FL—A child’s death is always serious. In this case police, prosecutors and their experts could not explain the cause of little Cayley Anthony’s death. They could only suspect that the child was murdered and that her mother was the killer.

Casey Anthony lied to authorities in a troubling effort to cover up what the defense offered up as an accidental drowning. Covering up negligence is no small part or the American culture and so is deception. Corporations and every level of our government routinely cover up despicable actions by officials

Casey Anthony’s cover up was inspired by our modern cultural deficiencies. This deception was an act of, "Monkey see, monkey do.”

I see the behavior of Anthony after the death of her daughter including the partying and normal behavior of a young woman was nothing more than an attempt to pretend nothing was wrong. This was simply more deception rather than what some people perceive as celebration.

I won’t however dismiss the dark thought that this was a murder. Our most basic protection from abusive government is the Bill of Rights, the presumption of innocence and forcing prosecutors to meet the burden of proof. The system is designed to give some benefit of the doubt to the accused.

Without a cause of death, prior acts of child abuse or a single witness that could suggest a murder motive convicting Anthony would have been a horrible miscarriage of justice. The verdict was proper. I hope our Bill of Rights will always be more important than Casey Anthony.

The gossip-mongering court watchers and media celebrities went into total meltdown after the verdict. Bizarre emotional reactions by some people were commonplace. Internet polls suggest that 70% of those responding felt Anthony should have been convicted.

The people offended by this verdict need to take a deep breath and once again read the Bill of Rights. Then ask why we should convict people of murder when we don’t even know what caused the death in the first place.

This case became a tool for media organizations with sagging ratings such as Headline News to gain viewers so they vigorously went on promotional overload. They wanted Casey Anthony to occupy the lives of every person on earth. There were far too many Americans that don’t have lives that fell into the media traps.

What’s next? Prosecutors from nearly every jurisdiction will try to convince local, state and federal lawmakers to allow more hearsay evidence and other schemes to make winning convictions easier.

Finally, today only 35% of our homicides are actually solved. How could this single case be so important anyway?

We already have a police state and tampering with the Bill of Rights will make this a nation we won’t like. We soon may all be living in abject fear of our own government.


Rail Claimore said...

The fact that the media can descend like vultures on, decide a case like this for themselves, and "inform" sheeple of guilt or innocence is absolutely ridiculous. You are absolutely right: all one needs to do is look at the mass vitriolic reaction to this case, particularly by women (sorry for being a politically incorrect sex-realist) to see why our government has been able to chip away at so many of our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Paul, what mother waits 30 days before she calls the Police to report her missing child. What mother has a strand of hair that was taken POST MORTEUM from her child in the trunk of her car, what mother has evidence of a decomposing body in the trunk of her car, what mother has evidence of cloroform in the trunk of her car,all of which a FBI agent testified that was discovered in the trunk of her car? Did you leave your commonsense in Chicago when you moved out west as apparently twelve other people did?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Casey lied and covered up the death. She hid the body too but without a cause of death there is no corpus delecti or proof of a homicide.