Friday, August 21, 2009

Mexico Takes Smartest Step Yet In Drug War!

Mexico City—Lawmakers here finally figured out just how to hurt the drug traffickers. They legalized the possession of user amounts of drugs including Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

This will deal a devastating blow to the drug cartels and price of these drugs to the end users. A major portion of the profits has just evaporated there.

Now the drug lords have no choice but to export their poisons to the USA and Canada where the Drug War keeps the prices and crime sky high.

We need to monitor Mexico’s new experience for crime, violence and overdose rates.

American drug addicts can be counted upon to heavily visit or even relocate to Mexico. Hopefully that will make a dent in our own crime rate and rid us of thousands of troublesome people.

Our own lawmakers need to follow suit.

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Anonymous said...

Move to mexico,spend that pension money.

Ed Skinner said...

If 650,000 druggies from AZ move to Mexico, that'll make it just about even.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if people use drugs in their own homes. I DO CARE, however, when I'm required to cough up some tax money to pay their medical bills resulting from said drug use.

Legalize drugs with this one stipulation, THEY are responsible for their medical bills. If they can't pay, they get no treatment, they die.

Druggies will then have no excuse. They did the drugs with full knowledge that they were on their own should there be a medical emergency resulting from their drug use.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I agree that taxpayers should never have to pay for the injury that drug addicts do to themselves.

The politicians however see this differently. They went ahead and allowed for Social Security disability payment for life.

They never turn away people suffering drug overdoses at our hospitals and such.

Add to this the reality that taxpayers are already forced to pay for illegal alien’s drug related medical problems.

Right now we are paying a staggering bill for the innocent people caught up in robberies and murders committed by drug addicts or people settling disputes over drugs. That’s related to the artificial high cost brought on by the prohibition.

The taxpayers will win a huge big if drugs are legalized.