Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoy Lunch With Me Today In Santa Barbara!

Click on pictures to enlarge (Santa Barbara County Jail and today’s lunch)

Santa Barbara, CA—Most of the time I can’t talk about where I’m working because of the sensitive nature of what I do. This time I had an adoption related assignment that took me to the Santa Barbara county Jail.

I travel to cities I can only describe as armpits or worse. Sometimes I’m in some of the great cities of the world. Today it’s one of the better places.

The sun went into hiding but other than that it was just fine. For lunch I stopped at the Warf and shot some pictures and video before and after a good meal.

There is a lonely side of these trips in that since I work alone I have nobody to have lunch with. So today I will have my lunch with my blog visitors. Enjoy five minutes of the sights and sound associated with our lunch.


Ed Skinner said...

Favorite places to eat in Santa Barbara, in no particular order:
Breakwater Restaurant in the Marina (breakfast),
Brown Pelican (breakfast, on patio),
Garrett's (breakfast), and
Giselle's (lunch/dinner).

But of all the places I've tried in Santa Barbara, Brophy Brothers in the Marina is my #1 choice, always very good, always very crowded, and always worth the wait. And while waiting, you can watch sea urchins being unloaded from the fishing boats. Did you know that the most prized Uni in Tokyo Japan is exported from Santa Barbara?

Fontana PI said...

That guy next to the blonde was watching your camera (he had obs skills like a cop.)

Then the folks on their bikes were too.

Their thinking ohh a pervert.

Your too much Paul, glad you had fun. Its a great loaation.

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

My fellow crime fighter... if you can do a favor for Det. Shaved, I would appreciate it.

If you go past the location that the "The Rockford Files" were filmed, specifically the location used to park the office/trailer of Jim Rockford - which is now known as:

Sand Castle Restaurant, a real eatery on the beach at 28128 Pacific Coast Highway.

Can you take a few pics for me.

I hope to go out to California soon. That is one of the places I want to go along with the burial site of singer Karen Carpenter.

Thanks Paul!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Paradise Cove in Malibu has changed a little too much since Rockford. They got rid of the Rockford trailer long ago.

The restaurant is still there and tourists still visit the area. There is a high rent trailer park nearby. I don’t get by there too often but I will do a story with pictures and video next time I’m there.

I don’t know where Karen Carpenter is buried but I’m close to Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett and Betty Page at Westwood Memorial Park.

Unknown said...

Where's the bacon?