Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rise in militia groups across the county, sound the alarm!

Montgomery, AL—The Southern Poverty Law Center is warning of a, Second Wave of the militia movement inside the United States. They call the militia movements anti-government, but are they really? Are they really just trying to preserve our form of government that’s been under constant attack by Marxist operatives?

The SPLC has long been known for their Communist leanings under the guise of protecting the poor and disenfranchised minority groups. In fairness they have diligently worked against real crimes committed by such groups at the KKK and various neo-Nazi groups.

The problem with the SPLC is they lump Conservative Americans or anyone who opposes their own Marxist agenda as hate mongers. They have zero credibility as they goad government and law enforcement officials to wage war on gun owners and those seeking to reduce the size of government and extortionate taxation.

The SPLC has just issued and distributed a new report claiming the Second Wave of the militia groups is building after being dormant during the years of the Bush Administration. Perhaps the rise against long held American principals and basic freedom by government Leftists is fertilizing the militia groups. In any event the sentiment among angry taxpaying and loyal Americans is feeding a movement that is ready to explode.

Americans have been buying record amounts of guns, ammunition and survival equipment as the Red Menace of the Obama Cabal has taken over government. Contrary to what is believed by our media pundits, it is not from worrying about new gun prohibitions but they have been preparing for a potential Civil War.

Most taxpaying Americans are absolutely horrified by the un-American business bailouts, seizure of banks and businesses, that bogus Cap and Trade tax scam and the hostile takeover of the medical and insurance industries. This is nothing but the ongoing destruction of the American way of life and form of government under the leadership of tyrants and traitors.

We need people to train and be ready to stop the Communist takeover of America. The traitors will not peacefully cease their attack on America. Soon there will be the “last straw” and traitors will begin to pay dearly for their deeds.

Yes, the Second Wave is here and they will not tolerate any more Waco or Ruby Ridge style operations against fellow Americans.

There is a peaceful solution and that to simply end this ongoing Communist revolution in America.


Anonymous said...

My buddy and I jokingly call our shooting group a "militia". We go to the range every three weeks and we've developed a plan in case SHTF. Our "militia" is more about backing each other up and being prepared, just in case. We've even been invited to shoot at a private club where members of LE practice and congregate.

The Left wants to throw labels on us as being racists or anti-government thugs. Our goal is to live by, and protect the Constitution of The United States. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

This popped up on my Yahoo News feed after I posted my original comment.

What a fucking joke!

Anonymous said...

I love how the left attacks those who excercise their rights to criticize the govt and take preparations to defend liberty.

This country was formed on revolution and overthrowing an unjust and hostile govt.

The Second Amendment is one of those checks and balances,nobody wants bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

If Morris Dees told me that the sky was blue, I'd look outside first.

More Leftist propaganda BS to grease up the sheeple through the MSM that more gun control is necessary.

Stalin would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Next step, tax revolt.
Stop paying for Babymomma's candy, bread, cheese and milk.
Stop paying for chimps to show up at school.
Stop paying for Section 8 vouchers that are spreading the violence.

Happened last week: 2 men, both of working age, standing in line ahead of me and my partner at the 7-11. They have a little girl with them. Buying four bags of chips and a bunch of soda pop. One pulls out some money and the other says "What, you is paying cash?Ain't you gonna use the Link card?" "Oh yeah, I forgot," he says, as he puts his money away.

I though of this when I saw how much tax was deducted from my paycheck last week.

Anonymous said...

Patriot Act says significant economic disruption is an act of terror, so get the Banksters & jail them already.