Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hysterical Response To An Armed Man Is Fun To Watch

Portsmouth, NHChairman Barack Obama went to town hall meeting in the, Live Free Or Die state of New Hampshire.

An anti-Obama protester, William Kostrick was present in a position well outside the meeting hall with a loaded and holstered handgun. That was his unquestionable right except in the eyes of some people who went absolutely berserk at the simple display. The man also carried a sign with a quote from a great American, Thomas Jefferson that was and is still provocative.

Freedom is here because as George Orwell said, “Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Freedom is being threatened by the Obama regime and the threat is not idle. He and his un-American cabal has begun dismantling free enterprise, our entire monetary system and is moving to place Americans under the yoke of Socialist slavery.

We still have the right to peaceably assemble with the right to keep and bear arms. Both rights of these rights are under attack by the same people who support Obama and all his Marxist programs.

The Secret Service understands our laws and a presidential visit, does not trump freedom. They live with the law and yes some people want to and have killed our presidents. These agents have worked around a free society since the organization was created in 1865. It’s a tough job sometimes.

I once got to meet a United States President, Jimmy Carter and I carried a legal concealed weapon to the meeting. It was a real non-event other than I was under the watchful eyes of the Secret Service. Okay, I was an off duty cop but never advertised it or made national news over that fact.

I guess there are lots of people who want to assume every gun is owned or carried by evil persons. People who want to preserve freedom and our way of life like me feel it’s our duty. If they continue to take our freedom the smell of gun smoke will once again be in the air. That’s exactly why we have a Second Amendment.

Perhaps it's time for American Presidents to not be dividers and accept the form of government our founding fathers gave us.


Anonymous said...

WOW,looks as if the guy wasnt sent to a FEMA camp or GITMO,thats encouraging.

People have forgotten in this country that citizens need to do more than just vote.

Anonymous said...

I think he held his own pretty well against that hack pretending to be a newsman.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time for American Presidents to not be dividers and accept the form of government our founding fathers gave us.

If only the media shills would heed your words. The news media no longer reports, it projects onto the people.

Anonymous said...

The good citizen was only exercising his right to bear arms.What is wrong with people,they forget all about the 2nd Amendment,but reports use and defend the 1st all the time.

Anonymous said...

Great Post Paul.......

Alot of Americans do not understand the "OPEN CARRY" laws in the United States.... This guy gave them a clear lesson that you can carry a gun in the open in many many states.... He sure did set an example for more law abiding citizens to exercise their Second Ammendment Rights and bear arms anywhere and everywhere.

This was a very bold wake up call to the DemocRATS that we are fed up and want our country back, that the people know their rights and will exercise them.

I look forward to seeing more of these things happen all over the country.

They're running scared, thank God we finally have them on the run.

Joel A. Brodsky said...

The reaction of these talking heads is too funny. They assume that everyone with a gun is a nut. Why not the thought that this guy could protect the President from a nut becuase he is armed

Ed Skinner said...

William Kostrick kept his wits and made his points through a very challenging and inflammatory interview.

Anonymous said...

How much more would a leader work towards the will of the people if he had to walk unprotected amongst the armed masses?

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews is an arrogant, loudmouthed asshat.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews is an arrogant, loudmouthed asshat.

Wonder how much longer the twit (Chris Matthews) will be on the air. What a pooch. But what I really enjoyed was the fact that this man was exercising his rights in a peaceful non-threatening way.

Oh my God, guess what? Not a Nazi. Nothing happened. Sorry Speaker Pelosi.

So while Fox News is talking about the issues that matter to people, MSNBC drowns on about ....... some silly liberal left ideal that no one is interested in.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Crimefile - thought you'd be interested in seeing what Brodsky, thinks about a confession from the lowlife that killed young Chicago Police Officer Alejandro Valadez. Brodsky represents Gaston. Even though many think Officer Valadez would be alive if a judge had put this pos away instead of giving him probation for prior gun possession charges (illegal!!), Brodsky says that's a fallacy because that's assuming he's guilty. Huh? Giving a confession means what again?


Police say 21-year-old Kevin Walker has admitted to driving the car. And 20-year-old Shawn Gaston has confessed to firing the fatal shots that killed Officer Alejandro Valadez.


Officer Valadez deserves much moreo than this kind of crap, don't you think?

You'll never be able to talk about the senseless killing of this officer now, at least as it pertains to the circumstances of "what" killed him, "why" and "how." His lawyer says we shouldn't assume his guilt. Sickening, isn't it?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

In America the right to an attorney and a vigorous defense is sacred. We cannot nor should we ever condemn a lawyer from doing what he can for his client.

That in no way makes a good guy out of a cop killer.