Saturday, August 01, 2009

Chicago’s Negroes Are Dying To Die.

Chicago, IL--After one of the coldest July's ever, Chicago’s lawless negroes did not let the enjoyment of record low temperatures deter them from their form of self-genocide. Total gun bans notwithstanding Chicago, is an overactive war zone this summer.

The latest example involves the critical wounding of six people celebrating the “life” of a local gang icon and hood rat who died due to obesity and heart problems.

The Gospel Truth Life Church at 5301 W. Madison was overloaded with admirers of the dead troll as a rival gang gunslinger opened fire.

Now the taxpayers get to eat millions of dollars of medical bills for the wounded boyz of the hood.

Will someone please teach these lads marksmanship? Pauper’s funerals are a lot cheaper than hospital life support and neurosurgery.

By the way, someone tell Mayor Daley his gun laws are only obeyed by the law abiding.

Perhaps if we hold the Olympics in Chicago there should be a new sport added. Perhaps it could be the Ghetto Shoot, Loot And Scoot Event.



Anonymous said...

yes, they just don't seem to be able to get along with anybody and live in peace, muchless themselves. It is a disgrace. The amount of daily [Daley] violence here in Chicago is, sadly, out of control completely.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

A side note about the term Negro:
Negro is a proper term. Was it polite? No. Shocking? I don’t think so.

It was a proper term rejected by those members of a race culture that have twice renamed themselves over the last few decades.

I guess out of frustration it was my not so subliminal message suggesting the culture refused to move forward and join civilization.

The term Negro is a correct anthropological term of this particular race. In America the majority of that race demanded other terms such as Black or African-Americans be used. This was downright silly and a product of sheer pseudo-political correctness.

Why did we twice change our language to accommodate this foolishness?