Sunday, August 23, 2009

Afghanistan Is Unwinnable

Kabul, Afghanistan—The Soviets learned it after years of fighting and thousands of their young men were sent home in rubber bags. We’ve been there since 2001 and have our own dead and dismembered to show for that struggle.

To enter a country in an effort to separate the good people from the bad that mission is doomed to failure. It has not and can never be done.

George W. Bush was not smart enough to realize this and neither is Barack Obama.

It is the job of a country’s own citizenry to control government. It’s not our job. If a government becomes a danger to the rest of the world that country must be bombed into submission and that does not require ground troops. We have the technology to do this.


Anonymous said...

Agree. We need to get the hell out of there ASAP. If they start hosting terrorist training camps again, then bomb the shit out of them using predator drones armed with hellfire missiles.

Anonymous said...

its is,but it is fundable.

Anonymous said...

The poppy fields need US protection to ensure the flow of narcotics to the US.It helps support our economy.