Friday, August 07, 2009

Lady Cop Pummels Old Woman In Columbus Ohio

Columbus, OH—This came to me via a Facebook friend who works as a Cook County Public Defender in Chicago.

At this time I can’t give you background on the underlying circumstances that brought the police to this scene. You see the event unfold as the cell-phone camera owner and others agitate the police for all they're worth.

An old woman goes down hard and was bleeding after she brandished a nasty looking knife at a young policewoman. The officer properly followed her training here. The results are tragic in that the old gal somehow lost it. I’m sure the officer was herself traumatized by the entire event.

This was one of those split-second decisions cops must sometimes make. For those that don’t know it knives at close range are much more deadly than firearms.


Anonymous said...

An old man with a gun put Jim Mullens in a wheelchair for life. People with weapons who disobey the police, regardless of their age or mental state, are a danger and must be dealt with. The officer did a fine job.

Sorry Grandma, but you should have dropped the knife. And to our amateur photographer who got the "news"'re an idiot!

Anonymous said...

The office did no wrong.

San Bernardino PI said...

I'm over-seas right now. Can't see videos on my blackberry.
When I get back to the left coast/ a computer, Ill check it out.

However your right Paul about the dangers.

FBI used to say anything 15 feet or less was good to go.
However its really up to the individual officers sate of mind and fear factor.

Ed Skinner said...

The officers all did good.
Sadly I fear their senior officers, city politicians and local newspapers may let prejudice rule, not facts. To that end, perhaps this video -- disregarding the inflammatory audio -- may actually help.


The Officer did a great job. GOD, I dont miss all that chaos, and ghetto interference/screaming.
As a matter of fact, she(the PO) showed great restraint in that she had every right to shoot.

Anonymous said...

The Officer asked nicely for the woman who was brandishing the knife to drop it. She did not comply, "use of force model" comes into play, she is an "assailant" she was brought down as "any" person should be with a deadly weapon in her hand.

The remarks are camera are way obvious to sway any jury that will see this, that the female Officer was in the wrong, so sweet old granny can get a big paycheck for her and her family.

Typical ghetto mentality by all on the scene other then the Officers who followed their training and subdued an assailant with the training we all have received in the academy.

Dis be in the news bro, i gotz this all on tape, this is going on da nooz so we can all gets part of dat check.

Anonymous said...

She could of killed that women and been justified. Ghetto retards will never be satisfied. It is obvious they called the police as the cell phone camera was on before the police showed up. Why call the police if nobody thought the senile old women with a knife in her hand was no danger to anyone?

Anonymous said...

This is great another thing to show my sons who want to be fourth generation police. We need a Hitler in this country. Notice only two people assisted the police.

zebu111 said...

wow, "We need a Hitler in this country." I was at Normandy on D-Day fool.

no wonder you post as anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ghetto people in columbus that actually think its ok to disregard a command to disarm are total morons, you will waste your time by arguing a point with anyone that thinks this was wrong. No knife, no problem... Say something when you don't drive a brand new SUV in and live in low income housing, otherwise, shut up.