Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Living In A Socialist Country? Wear The Right T-Shirt!

Los Angeles, CA—The latest rage or in some cases outrage is the artistic rendering of the Chairman, Barack Obama.

You can have this shipped to your door for a mere $28.00. All you have to do is send a money order (no checks, pay-pal or credit cards) to:

Paul Huebl
PO BOX 24055
Los Angeles, CA 90024.

Be the first Obamanomics protester on your block to pay proper homage to this total Bolshevik that occupies our Whitehouse. Fight tyranny!


Anonymous said...

Love it Paul.............. I want at least 4.

No CALI PI said...

Paul Obamas admin is asking anyone to snitch on their neighbors that oppose Obama. Even to forward any negative emails to the white house. Amazing.

Its tantamount to the PI ASSoc called CALI. Dictate , control and rule over the people.
I hear a Senator wrote a bold letter to Osama. But don't know his name yet.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

During WWII the Gestapo relied on snitches too. If these bastards keep it up we will have a Civil War and I know what side I’m on.

There will never be enough concentration camps for the 100 million or more Americans that disagree with Obama’s Marxist agenda.

Anonymous said...

I guess you know that you're on his list ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
No mention of the death of John Hughes. I detest most Hollywood types but John Hughes was a great Chicago icon and produced some awesome films.