Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tips For Bloggers Investigating their stories

Los Angeles, CA—With traditional media dying a very undignified death bloggers and various forms of citizen journalists are filling the need quite well. Some bloggers have become millionaires in the process.

The rules of news delivery have changed in a big way. Vetting the information we deliver has not and cannot change. Credibility and accuracy are as important as ever. In our litigious society those who libel others on purpose or by accident may learn hard lessons.

Here are some tips for my fellow blogging friends that are evolving with their content and the quality of what they post.

Bloggers need to break more news and get away from the idea of republishing what’s already out there. To do this you have to get up close and personal to the newsmakers.

Get yourself on the lists your local government public information officers use to send out their press releases. Go out of your way to attend press conferences and ask questions when you get there.

Don’t be afraid to check out the people you are reporting about. Get into the public records and find out about those people. Be very careful since people often use phony names when they get arrested and sometimes many people share the same names.

Video and photo posting has never been easier so we need to see a lot more of that.

Everyone should be able to post the printed word, photographs, audio and of course video. The equipment to do this has never been cheaper or better.

I’m available to anyone of my fellow bloggers to advise you just how to get your ideas in the best possible form.


Veterans Cross Memorial Controvery said...

Actually going to the scene is a plus.
We just got back from a trip to the Mohave Desert on this case.

The US Supreme Courts hearing this matter soon.

Steven Dahlman | Marina City Online said...

Timeless advice, explained well!