Monday, August 10, 2009

A Silent, Two Pound Eye In The Sky Surveillance Drone In Time For Christmas!

Waterloo, Canada—It’s about to hit our sky very soon at a mere $50K per copy. It’s called the Aeryon Scout and will allow minimally skilled users to capture high resolution images of events happening below. The drone is all electric and operates silently.

Its knapsack sized package can be opened and the drone deployed from a car trunk in seconds. The initial intended end users will be security companies, police and we can count on the news organizations avoiding the high cost of helicopter air time. .

For news organizations they will be able to own the sky over crime scenes at least until police or medical helicopters are present.

The company boasts their drone will operate in bad weather and is waterproof.

I can see the Hollywood paparazzi industry jumping on this gee whiz gizmo in a New York second.

You can get more information and place your order here.


Mark Herpel said...

Neat mini-surveillance drones. Now I wonder what the implications are for property owner's if they see one over their private property and shoot it down?


HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Paul I was just in Waterloo Canada.

I know one PI that uses a fixed wing remote drone. But the video is a fast pan overhead.
But this one is better since it can hover in one place. .

No doubt this would be a great asset for private investigator companies.
However dues to the laws re expectations of privacy, we would be greatly limited by the law, when and where we can use it.

Anonymous said...

Way too Orwellian for me...

Anonymous said...

I bet I could drop that thing with my .50

Anonymous said...

I think balloons with cables will be making a comeback.